Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Tui adverts pulled; yeah right

DB Breweries have responded quickly to calls from an Auckland feminist group to can the iconic Tui beer advertisements; the Herald reports:

DB Breweries is refusing to drop a Tui beer television advertisement despite pressure from an Auckland feminist group.

A new group, Auckland Feminist Action, is planning to launch a campaign to get the ad, which features Tui's long-running brewery girls, removed from air.

The Auckland group makes all sorts of claims about the advertisements; read on:

"The women are depicted as even more stupid than the dorky men who try to steal the beer. The dorky men outwit the women," spokesperson Leonie Morris said.

"If you look at the advert in its entirety, it's demeaning women, it's showing women as just a collection of body parts, it's saying that it is ok to value women on how they look - that's the only value women have in that ad. That has a very corrosive effect on women's self-worth.

"It is also promoting a form of mateship, dismisses women's concerns and trivialises relationships with women. The women are the killjoys, trying to prevent the men from having a good time.

It's giving a message that men have to stick together and triumph over women.

"The other problem with this ad is it is saying sexism is OK as long as it is funny. We're saying sexist humour, racist humour, homophobic humour - none of it is OK and all of it is harmful."

Ms Morris is entitled to her viewpoint; suffice to say, it's not one that we share, and nor does She Who Must Be Obeyed, who drew our attention to the story! And as for the Tui adverts being either racist or homophobic; has Ms Morris actually watched them?

But DB has deliberately built up the Tui brand, and there's no way they'd miss an opportunity like this to further promote the brand; here's their response:

However DB Breweries - which says it has not been contacted by the feminist group directly - is defending the advertiszement

Tui marketing manager Jarrod Bear said the Tui Brewery girls were a long-established part of the beer's marketing campaign which fully complied with advertising regulations.

"We salute Ms Morris for voicing her opinions and the public discussion it has created. The feedback Tui has received has been overwhelmingly supportive. Tui Brewery Limited is an equal opportunities employer and we have no grounds for dismissal of the Tui Brewery girls, especially when they're doing such a great job ."

And to rub it in further, look at what has just appeared on social media:

We guess that response wasw inevitable. In the meantime, we're sure that DB will be delighted by Tui sales this week, with or without the Tui girls.


Jacqueline said...

I'm with you and SWMBO on this one.

Silly nonsense.

The feminists should join a gym so that they don't have so much time to sit around being offended every day.

Michael said...

Not only is it on social media, it's on the Tui Billboard on SH2 Hutt Road.

Keeping Stock said...

No flies on those Tui guys eh Michael? That's fast work!

gravedodger said...

Of course the bint and her idiot followers, probably both of them, could stop indulging in the sponser's products as the resulting damage to their brains is glaringly obvious.
I had been going to suggest they boycott them, then thought, "hang on"???

Anonymous said...

The Tui Girls @ Mangatinoka are very very KA-PAI !!!!

Get a life you feminists !!!