Monday, March 5, 2012

Early rising...

It's Disgusting O'Clock, and we are about to hop on a flight to Melbourne for a very quick visit. Being at airports at 4.30am isn't really of favourite morning activity, but needs must.

We had a lovely weekend in Cristchurch, whilst keeping a weather's eye (and ear) on what was going on at home. We had a few things rearranged in the garden, but we seem to have escaped any major damage. Our thoughts are with friends and work colleagues who haven't been so lucky. A few of them live rurally, and had a lengthy time without power. But no-one was injured, and that's the main thing.

We've got a busy time planned over the next couple of days, so don't expect a lot of blogging. Then again, Hermo and James Stephenson might rise to the challenge, and fill the gap. Whilst Keeping Stock was originally set up as a one-blogger band (albeit a blogger with multiple personalities!), it's great to be getting some different viewpoints, and it's something we're keen to develop.

Right; the sooner we get on the plane, the sooner we can go back to sleep...

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