Monday, March 12, 2012

Quote of the Day - 12 March 2012

Willie Jackson provides today's edition, via the Herald:

Radio Live host Willie Jackson has called for striking wharfies to mount violent "militant action" in their ongoing battle with Ports of Auckland bosses.

Mr Jackson, a former trade union organiser and Alliance Party MP, supported the striking port workers' calls for eight hour shifts and job security on his Radio Live afternoon slot today.

He called Ports of Auckland bosses "greedy, filthy, right wing fundamentalists" who were led by a "gutless wonder" mayor.

Intimidation or violence was needed to stop non-union workers being called in to do the striking workers' jobs, he said.

"If you really want something you've got to act... You don't go stop and then the scabs come in and they take your jobs. Go and bust your picket or your placard on theirs cars. I support that action."

This is absolutely dumb stuff from Willie Jackson. He'll get away with it, of course, because he's not Paul Henry, sacked by TVNZ for parodying an Indian politican with an unfortunate name or Michael Laws, who was suspended for a number of weeks by RadioLive for suggesting violence against journalists.

We'll be interested to see whether this incitement to violence earns any official rebukes for Jackson. We won't however hold our breath.


Adolf Fiinkensein said...

Why don't you immediately lodge a complaint with the police and with the radio station?

Anonymous said...

Don't waste your time - he's not a pakeha so no-one will have the balls to challenge him.

Keeping Stock said...

My goodness Anon; you're even more of a cynic than I am!

3rd eleven, 12th man said...

'He'll get away with it of course..'

Did you want him to be reprimanded or suspended or not? Why/why not?
Did you want the same for Henry and Laws?
Why/why not? What about Deaker and Holmes?
You should hold your breath. Really. It'll make you see stars and might even give you religious hallucinations!
I say reprimand him like those nasty arseholes Henry and Laws et al.

(By the way, who is 'We' is there more than one of you?)

Anonymous said...

Go Willie (you wee beauty!)
Stick to 'em!
We cheered everything Paul Henry did!
We cheered Michael Laws for everything he said!
We love Murray Deaker!
We adored Key's 'cannabil' comment!
Go Willie! Do it again!

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