Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Clayton's condemnation

We've waited with bated breath for someone from the Green Party to condemn the destruction of $400,000 worth of pinus radiata seedlings at the Scion test site near Rotorua.

Today, new Green List MP Steffan Browning has sort of done that. At the foot of a post on the crime, he notes (with our emphasis added):

As a Member of Parliament, I cannot condone illegal activity, but as a participant in the Scion GE tree and Plant & Food Research GE brassica hearings, I know why activists can feel the need to overstep the badly managed processes and take the law into their own hands. Legislation is a better way of correcting GE in the environment of New Zealand, and the sooner a government does it the better.

Readers who are of a similar vintage to us will remember Clayton's; the drink you have when you're not having a drink. Well, we reckon that Steffan Browning's condemnation is a Clayton's condemnation. He's very careful in his wording, distancing himself from the vandalism as a Memebr of Parliament only.

And to make it worse, Mr Browning seems to suggest that it is quite OK to take the law into your own hands if something is happening that you don't agree with. We reject that assertion absolutely; such a suggestion is a giant stride down the slippery slope to anarchy. Then again, didn't Green Part Co-Leader Metiria Turei come from an anarchist background? 

Steffan Browning's weak-kneed "denouncement" merely fuels the suspicion that people very close to the Green Party were involved in this act of eco-terrorism. The silence from the party's leaders is deafening, which adds to the sense of suspicion. If no-one connected to the Green Party either directly or indirectly was involved in this criminal act, yoiu'd think that the Greens would be shouting it from the rooftops, but the absence of condemnation is damning.


Do Nowt. said...

Dollars to doughnuts you love the presence of condemnation, be it from the rooftops, the crucifix or the sky. Dollars to doughnuts you 'blog' with the MO of someone who is a self-righteous hypocrite who needs an out clause of one's own 'belief' to argue against others.

Keeping Stock said...

And your point is?

+++ said...

See above.

TCrwdb said...

Someone has eaten too many doughnuts me thinks...maybe laced with something lol.