Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Helen Who?

Some faceless Stuff sub-editor is probably not going to be too popular with Helen Clark, the head of the UNDP after the above captioning. But the story is significant nonetheless:

Former prime minister Helen Clark is well known in these parts, but according to an international journal she is one of the world's most powerful unheard-of women.
In its recent issue, Foreign Policy unveiled its list of the 25 women around the world who hold considerable power but are relatively unknown.
Clark came in at number one.
After becoming New Zealand's first elected female prime minister and winning three consecutive elections, Clark left Parliament following Labour's loss in the 2008 general election.
In the article she appeared ''undaunted'' by dealing with cholera in Haiti and famine in Somalia.
''Her top goal as administrator, she said last fall, is no less than to eradicate extreme poverty around the world.''
Other women on the list included Chinese state councillor Liu Yandong, United States Treasury undersecretary for international affairs Lael Brainard and Nigerian finance minister Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala.
The article said the likes of German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff got all the attention, ''but they're not the only female leaders running the world''. 

We suppose that this reality check is needed to let us know just how small New Zealand is in global terms, and on how little a splash the big fish in our domestic pond make in the big pool. We certainly would have expected Helen Clark to have better recognition.

We also note that the story acknowledges the United Nations as the source of the photograph used. We can only assume that the UN uses the same creative department that produced Labour Party billboards all those years ago!


OmnipotentGhost said...

Nice to see your christian generosity of spirit to the fore. Your snide comments detract from the content and make it impossible to believe you are truly converted from your nasty-bad-boy days. The hypocrisy reeks strongly of bullshit at this blog.

The irony is that every reader can see it, yet you continue with the fraud as if they're blind to the fact.
A christian music post once a week does not make up for your unchristian down-the-nose-fake-righteousness.

Sixty demerits on your path to salvation.

Keeping Stock said...

What's snide about pointing out the blindingly obvious OG? Check out the picture at the Herald link below:


The use of Photoshopped Helen was never denied, especially when they took a photo in 2008 of Helen Clark posing in front of one of the billboards. Helen Clark has plenty of achievements to be proud of, even if I disliked a number of her policies. So wht did Labour feel compelled to be dishonest about image?

Tinman said...

For god's sake KS!

It's bad enough to be assaulted by Stuff.co.nz with that photo over breakfast without having Keeping Stock assault me with it at lunch time.

Have a heart KS, take it down. Soon!

Bonded said...

What's really christian is your response at W/oil to the woman who is being abused and mocked as christ was. Where is your christianity and god-fearing advice to help a person out of the trajectory she is on? You are as unbelievable as... well, you know who's dad upstairs.
You are no better than she, and a far stretch from a good christian.

Anonymous said...

If she had the nickname, "Crusher Clark", you'd be creaming yourself over that photo.
I'm sorry to hear about your demerits, though. You're already well back of the queue, because of your mean-spiritedness on so many issues here - take it as a gentle warning from a reader ((Omnipotent Host)and make the change to good; leave the nastiness for the likes of Slater and Farrar.

baxter said...

Well NZ is really being put on the map by Labour politicians, first SHEARER saved 250000 lives when he was in the United Nations, and now CLARK has been performing miracle cures for typhoid and cholera in other third world countries.

Anonymous said...

And Key was on Letterman,remember.
That was New Zealand's moment of glory.
Then there was the three-way-handshake, broadcast world-wide...

Johnboy said...

"and now CLARK has been performing miracle cures for typhoid and cholera in other third world countries."

And now she performs miracle cures for ugly Women in first world countries!

dad4justice said...
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Keeping Stock said...

That's a bridge too far Dad4J

big news said...

Got any evidence that the pic is NOT a UNDP pic? No, I didnt think so. Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Maybe they just do not recognise her in person.

Real Goose