Friday, April 20, 2012

Pots and kettles

3News reports that Winston Peters is laying in to John Key over the Sky City convention centre issue; check this out:

Prime Minister John Key is scrambling to cover his back over a dodgy deal with Sky City, NZ First leader Winston Peters says.
Mr Key flew home from Singapore on Thursday night amid a storm of protest from opposition parties over the deal with Sky City to build a new convention centre in return for being allowed to have more pokie machines in its casino.
He says a tender process was held in the usual way, but Labour is accusing him of intervening in a way that shut out other bidders.

We guess that Winston Peters has some experience in "scrambling to cover his back". After all, his own past is littered with incidents such as having been censured by Parliament for knowingly misleading his peers, insisting that NZ First did not receive donations from "big business" when the party patently did, and being caught having used a helicopter from the Vela family to campaign in 1999, despite insisting that he didn't, even when photographs were produced.

It would seem that this is nothing more than an opportunistic headline grab by Peters. We cetainly doubt that there has been a dramatic poacher-turned-gamekeeper conversion by the NZ First leader who used to be the caped crusader in matters of principle, until the cape slipped exposing the real, venal Peters. It's more a case of the pot calling the kettle black; again.


Bob Z. said...

We cetainly doubt that there has been a dramatic conversion by (...)* exposing the real, venal (...)* It's more a case of the pot calling the kettle black; again.

(..)* Insert Inventory2 – who of course always plays the ball and never the man, since his 'conversion'.

Keeping Stock said...

There's just one ever-so-slight difference Bob; I am but a lowly blogger, with a very small sphere of influence. I'm not a politician who for over 30 years has railed against "big business", "dodgy deals" and the like, only to have been exposed as just as big a hypocrite as the rest of 'em.

Bob Z. said...

Weak rebuttal.

Anonymous said...

Inventory2 exhibits nothing but spite for Winston Peters. Winston would say, 'The sky is blue.', Inventory2 would say, 'Venal Peters!'.
Winston would say, 'Key's massaging of the Sky City deal is dodgy', Inventory2 would say, 'Nasty Peters, venal Peters!!'
Nothing to be learned here about the facts of any matter at all, except adoration for Key.