Saturday, April 21, 2012

That didn't last long

The latest Roy Morgan poll is out, and if the rumours from within Labour of discontent over David Shearer's leadership have even a grain of truth to them, this will only fuel the fire. Gary Morgan reports:

“Today’s New Zealand Roy Morgan Poll shows Prime Minister John Key’s National Party (49.5%, up 5.5%) improving its standing to its highest since last year’s NZ Election. The improvement in National’s vote comes at the expense of the two main Opposition parties — Labour (26.5%, down 4%) and the Greens (12.5%, down 4.5%) — the Greens result is similar to their polling achieved prior to the high achieved in the last Morgan Poll conducted at the time of Earth Hour.
“The improved standing for National means the parties of Government — including the Maori Party, United Future and ACT NZ now command 52% of the vote — also the highest since last year’s NZ Election compared to 48% for all other parties.”

Here's the result in graphical terms:

After getting a shot in the arm two weeks ago, Labour and the Greens have taken a hiding in this latest poll. That is despite their delight at apparently having the government on the ropes and about to topple facing such issues as ACC, Sky City, public sector reform, welfare reform and most recently, debate over land sales.

Quite where Labour goes from here is anyone's guess. But as we blogged yesterday when even such an august journal as The Standard has confronted the elephant in the room in a commendably candid manner. We'll watch closely to see how all this pans out.

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Pete George said...

I'm surprised National bounced up so much, that might come back down in line with the recent trend but the alternatives are weak.

Labour deserve to dive the way they are performaning (badly) and not performing (leader).

Greens just came back to about normal, the last one was a spike that got them excited but was unlikely to last.