Friday, May 4, 2012

Some brilliance from Happy Feet

David "Happy Feet" Farrar writes a weekly column in the Herald. And the one he's produced today is an absolute cracker; under the headline Act - dead 4 May 2012, aged 18 Happy Feet opines:

Trauma surgeons at Wellington Political Hospital announced today that the ACT Party was judged clinically dead after succumbing to a grievous assault from Kim Dotcom.
Surgeons battled all night to save the political party, but the accumulated trauma from years of abuse meant that the patient was already in critical condition when Dotcom fell on it, crushing the remaining life out of the teenage political party.

We'll let the former Emperor Penguin of the Blogosphere (ripped from his throne by a rampant Whale!) tell the rest of the sordid tale. But it's well worth a read if you have a few spare moments, and need a good chuckle.

But we wouldn't be as quick as Happy Feet to write Act off. The party is certainly moribund, but where there's life there's hope. Who knows; they may yet be a Phoenix-like rise from the ashes with Act proclaiming in the best traditions of Mark Twain that rumours of its death are exaggerated. After all; we all wrote Winston off...


Nigel Ng said...

That's one best thing of politic. It's full of surprise. You never know what's around the corner. Yet if ever a rising Phoenix it would be in a new name not Act.

SthnJeff said...

Interesting piece buut still can't figure out why a travel writer is blogging about politics!

Keeping Stock said...

It's his hobby on the few days when he is at home Jeff!