Monday, May 7, 2012

Who will be nervous today?

There might be some nervous Labour MP's today; Stuff explains:

A millionaire naturalised Chinese New Zealander who used senior political connections to win citizenship has gone on trial in the High Court, Auckland, today on five charges linked to claims he created a false identity.
In a case that has been before the court for nearly two years, Yong Ming Yan, 41, has pleaded not guilty to five charges over claims he created a false identity in China to get citizenship.
Justice Timothy Brewer is hearing the case without a jury.
Originally Yan was charged with 12 offences but these, the court heard, had been reduced due to issues with evidence from China.
Yan, also known as William Yan, Bill Liu and Yang Liu, arrived in 2001.
He got citizenship with letters of support and lobbying from Labour's Dover Samuels and Chris Carter as well as National's Pansy Wong.
The Department of Internal Affairs opposed citizenship saying with two passports, two names and two birth dates they did not know who he was. Then Immigration Minister David Cunliffe over-ruled and granted citizenship.
The trial was initially set down for 10 weeks but is expected to run three weeks with video evidence from Canada and Australia.

Michael Field has actually got a few details wrong. We have blogged on this case on a number of occasions; just search Bill Liu on the search engine at the top left of the page, or follow this link. Bill Liu's citizenship was actually granted by Shane Jones after the case was referred to him by former Labour MP and Minister Rick Barker who declared a conflict of interest.

But David Cunliffe does not escape unscathed, despite Field's error. Cunliffe was asked by Immigration NZ officials to revoke Liu's residence nine months prior to citizenship being conferred when it was discovered that Liu was using multiple passports and identities. David Cunliffe refused to take that step. Had he done as his officials recommended, the awarding of New Zealand citizenship to Bill Liu would have been a moot point.

Labour has been quick to throw around accusations of cronyism and cash for policy. The Bill Liu case is a reminder that Labour's own record on cronyism is not lily-white, and that people in glasshouses should think before they throw stones.


Judge Holden said...

Pansy Wong was a National Party Minister. She's gone now as she was dodgy. Not as dodgy as John Banks, whom the PM refuses to do anything about, but still dodgy, like so many many tories.

Keeping Stock said...

All Pansy Wong did(along with Dover Samuels) was write a testamonial letter. Why don't you focus on the behaviour of Cunliffe and Jones, who both ignored the advice of officials that Bill Liu was a dodgy bloke? Can you not bear the thought that cronyism and dodgy dealing goes on right across the political spectrum?

Anonymous said...

"dodgy dealing goes on right across the political spectrum?"

So you agree that it does. Good. Now some honesty regarding Key on this please. Selective posting lessens credibility.

James Stephenson said...

"Selective posting lessens credibility"

Says Anonymous...I'm going to die of an irony overdose if we get much more of this stuff.

Anonymous said...

"Who will be nervous today?"

Banks. That's who.
I'll tell you who isn't; Mallard and Little. They aren't the slightest bit nervous about Collins' fake legal action. There's been no suing, there'll be no suing. It's nothing but the usual sue-age from Collins.

Anonymous said...

Those who admire Cactus Kate will be nervous as she publically gives politics away. She's had enough of the Tory crap and who can blame her. Commenters on her blog don't:
"Don Franks said...
Fallout from the long awaited inevitable career disintegration of disgusting little pus wipe Banks has been instructive.

Bank’s brazen dishonesty has jolted right wing blogger Catus Kate to “come out” as “apolitical”.

Rightwing Kiwi Blog has moved apace to disown ACT with an obituary which, as an old person with time priorities, I didn’t bother to read beyond the title.

There has been other desperate stuff like this and as I see it there is an unhappy feeling across the right that they need to try to reclaim some political integrity.

Ha fucking ha fucking ha.

Bank’s wretched grasping for advantage has served to underline the reduction,under capitalism, of all human relationships, to the inhuman monstrosity of monetary exchange.

You guys have willingly sowed the seeds.


Grasping parasites like John Banks are your cold winter harvest."

Keeping Stock said...

Quite right James; notice how the lefties who have gloated at Banks's discomfort are completely silent about allegations of cronyism from their team.

It's cash for passports boys, and I don't have to resort to obscenities and abuse to make the point.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

"are completely silent about allegations of cronyism from their team."

Good. Now some honesty regarding Key on this please. Selective posting lessens credibility.

Keeping Stock said...

This post isn't about John Key Anon. This post is about some embarrassing memories of the dying days of Helen Clark's government, well before John Key became PM.

Anonymous said...

"This post is about some embarrassing memories of the dying days of Helen Clark's government"

I see.

Years out of date and irrelevant.

Good post.

Keeping Stock said...

Ah, I get it now. If it happened in the past, you're exempt from criticism.

Does that also mean that all the allegations against John Banks are "out of date and irrelevant" too, given that they relate to events of two years ago, before he was elected to Parliament?

Judge Holden said...

He told lies about it just last week, so no.

Anonymous said...

Bank's 'story' is live-as; hot-potato, smoking gun live and no amount of 'look - over there! will hide the stink that's coming from that. How any one can involve themselves in the attempts to cover-up and distract from the Banks/key story amazes those of us with integrity, but experience shows that Tory lackeys will forget their ethics when the master calls. So it is here.

Keeping Stock said...

Ah; of course Anon. As soon as the Banks issue arose (and you've had plenty of opportunity to comment on it here), the High Court rushed to schedule Bill Liu's trial so that right-wing bloggers could divert attention away from a story they were already talking about. Sheesh; what a poor attempt.

Shane Jones and David Cunliffe (the man who wants to lead the Labour Party) are donkey-deep in the Bill Liu case, having ignoted the advice of DIA and Immigration NZ officials respectively to give favourable treatment to a man who raised money for the Labour Party despite serious and well-founded concerns as to his honesty and character. If this was John Banks' doing, you'd be screaming blue murder, and we'd be agreeing with you.

Judge Holden said...

"...and we'd be agreeing with you."

Rubbish, you'd be dissembling, diverting and obfuscating. That's what hacks do when they are required to defend the indefensible. You've been doing it for years.

Case in point, do you think John Banks has lied to the public?