Monday, May 21, 2012

Wisdom from the far south...

They don't waste words down in Southland, and they say things as they are. That applies to the Southland Times as well, especially this morning's editorial which opines:

Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little would have us see their machinations to avoid being served court papers as indicative of their sheer scorn for the allegation that they defamed ACC Minister Judith Collins.
But they're being unwise.
Whatever the merits of the case itself, legal process itself does require respect. And it's not getting it from this pair.
On top of which, they don't necessarily emerge as being on the high ground, at all.
Whatever their rhetoric, and it has been loudly and jovially dismissive, the methodology of dodging legal papers requires actions that are liable to look like skulking and hiding.
It's hardly a good look for men proclaiming they have nothing to fear. 

And as the leader writer notes, Mallard and Little have given John Key a free hit:

More a striking contrast to the "bring it on" stance more commonly taken in such circumstances. It certainly set up Prime Minister John Key to deliver (and probably enjoy) the quote that they could run, but they couldn't hide.

And in true southern wisdom, the Times' leader writer has an interesting suggestion; read on:

As part of their catch-me-if-you-can approach, the MPs suggest that Ms Collins hire service agents, whom they depict – no offence apparently intended – as thuggish types.
This, they say, "won't be a good look".
As it happens, Mr Mallard's own reputation suggests he could make a pretty fair living serving such papers himself.
He is nothing if not combative and not just in the strictly political sense.
He punched MP Tau Henare in the lobby of Parliament's debating chamber, whacked another Nat, Bob Clarkson, with a manila folder, and has been involved as a cyclist in an altercation with a motorist.
This being the case, and given that Mr Little has plans to film any attempt to serve him and post it online, unofficial Nat advisers have already been suggesting that the best thing Ms Collins could do would be to hire the most petite and unthreatening woman available to serve the papers.
Not that the documents really need to be thrust into the hands of the person being sued.
If the courts can be persuaded that someone is trying to avoid the process – and seldom would a more easy call be made in that regard than this case – the papers can simply be taped to their front door.

And as a parting shot, the editorial defines the farce that Messrs Mallard and Little have turned this into:

That might be anti-climactic for the perhaps considerable section of the community who might enjoy the sense of farce.
Thing is, though, it is not always a good thing for politicians to cultivate the impression that they are involved, however unwillingly, in something farcical.
Theatrical types will tell you that the dynamics of a classic farce involves one or more characters desperately trying to keep guilty secrets from being uncovered.
Not a role an MP should covet.
The place to win an issue like this is in court.

We agree. If Trevor Mallard and Andrew Little are so confident that Judith Collins' defamation action against them has no merit, they should simply accept service of the documents, and say "See you in Court". That they are making such a farcical scene suggests that their resistance might just be bluster, which given Mallard's record as outlined above, and Little's extraordinary outburst on Michael Laws' programme a few weeks go might not be an inaccurate assessment..

So indeed this is a piece of classic Southland wisdom, even if it doesn't go down well in some of the outlying areas such as Nightcaps and Riverton. Plain speaking is a trait to be recommended!


Gladys Ova said...

Plain speak?
How about some plain writing?
Your arguments seldom make sense.
The message is difficult to attack because there never seems to be anything but opining (that would sound like a dog whistle if I could hear it).

And it's difficult not to attack the messenger because all you do is repost what others write and then obfuscate all around it. You are the message oftentimes.

I don't know what purpose this blog serves. Are you able to inform all of your puzzled visitors?

BTW what is a shrill? Do you mean shill? Or do you mean Shirley? I like Shirley. We have cups of tea together of a Tuesday at the croquet club.

Best, Gladys.

Keeping Stock said...

Care to actually address the issue Gladys?

robertguyton said...

It took a very long time, Keeping Stock, but finally you've got it! Southern wisdom indeed. I breathe a sigh of relief at your epiphany - the realisation that when a Southern Man speaks, he speaks good sense. Wise, you call us men of the Deep South. On this, and only this, I agree with you and I thank you for the commendation.
And yes, I know, I'm banned. Delete away, I don't mind. You've already made my day. I'll print off your post and pin it to my notice board, so that I never forget the day, Inventory2 saw sense :-)

Keeping Stock said...

I have many friends in the South Robert, and many whanau. So I know that by and large Southern men and women speak in plain words, and with much common sense.

But for every rule, there's an exception, as you've oft proved!

Anonymous said...

INV2 why not drop the tit for tat stuff and focus on what matters most to the country?

You could even stop being a shill for a day!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ 2:49pm

Why not start your own blog so that you can dictate the subjects to discuss.

Anonymous said...

Could the one shilling be a Bob?

Keeping Stock said...

@ Anon (3.24pm) - my sentiments also. The blogger decides on the content, and naturally, it will reflect their worldview.

@ Anon (3.27pm) - Gold!

robertguyton said...

A man after my own heart - nice pun!

I've a prediction: Shane Jones will not be found guilty of wrong-doing. He will 'speak out' when the judge has cast his judicious eye over the material in front of him. The public will side with Jones when they learn the whole story.
In the case of John banks however, the opposite will apply. He'll be found guilty of wrong doing. He won't 'speak out' and the public will not side with him over any of this. In addition, John Key will be forever stained by association with banks and by his own devious behaviour over the 'Banksie' issue.
There, Keeping Stock. More wisdom from the South.
Delete away!!!!!

Keeping Stock said...

Is this like your prediction last year that National wouldn't be the government after the election Robert? That would be the prediction that you were prepared to bet a period of blog abstinence on.

Don't worry about answering, given that you're really not supposed to be here. And no; there's no need to delte your comment, so I won't.

Raymond A Francis said...

I would have thought to be a Southern Man the first requirement would to be born there
Anybody care to check Robert's birth certificate

robertguyton said...

You, a xenophobe, Raymond! Glory bless! No, any worthy man can become a Southern Man, no matter where you were born, Nelson or any where else for that matter. The great thing about Southlanders is that we are an inclusive lot. Mind you, we do resent it when one of our sons buggers off to Wellington but pretends he's still living here, in order to collect taxpayers money for accomodation! That Double-Dipper Bill English! He's no Southern Man.

IHStewart said...

He He Robert is right KS Deep South is the preferred terminology the Far South is Antarctica.

Of course one must remember KS / Robert that Mr Crimp come from the Deep South, we clearly have some way to go until we can claim to be the philosopher kings of New Zealand.

The cptcha to post includes the word dipsou freaky.

Suz said...

Anon 3.27 Heh,heh!

IHstewart said...

Southern Man

Some of the boys,
Have got it into their heads,
About moving up North,
To follow the bread,
But that ain't for me,
That kind of thing just don't rate,
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Now we might not be rich,
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I'm a Southern Man
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