Monday, October 22, 2012

UPDATED: Agreeing with Robert

 UPDATE: Good work by the Police; Stuff reports:

Police have arrested two young men in relation to the desecration of Jewish graves with anti-semitic messages at a central Auckland cemetery.
A 19-year-old and 23-year-old will be charged with wilful damage and appear at Auckland District Court this week, police said.
Police have not ruled out further arrests.


Robert Winter blogs about the desecration of Jewish graves in a central Auckland cemetery:

I have just walked through the old Jewish cemetery here in Auckland, site of the desecration of graves two  days ago. It is saddening experience. I would like the people who did this to be found, and, rather than face empty prosecution, be forced to sit with some of the survivors of the camps who still live here in NZ, and be made to listen to their stories, and understand the meaning of their actions. Then, perhaps, they would understand the offence caused, not just to Jewish people, but to us all. 

We agree with Robert's sentiments here, although we would like the perpetrators to have to front up to concentration camps survivors AS WELL AS facing prosecution; this is still a criminal act.

Survivors of World War II are becoming fewer in number. We saw the news story last night of Kiwi soldiers returning to Egypt to honour their comrades who died in the battle of El Alamein in 1942, a campaign in which our late father fought. He would have turned 95 this year. Year by year the number of WW2 veterans thins, and like those who survived the atrocities in Nazi Germany, it won't be long until their stories can be told only through the history books.

Like Robert, we denounce the mindless vandalism that took place on Friday.


The Editor said...

I'm reminded of National's mindless vandalism of our national parks and our ETS, their having tried to gut the former and have succeeded in gutting the latter. The National Front and the National Party have a great deal in common.

Keeping Stock said...

Take your offensive hate speech elsewhere The Editor.

I will leave your comment up however to show the depths to which some will plummet.

Robert Winter said...

We hear that two young men have been charged. I hope that they come to understand why we are so saddened by their actions.