Tuesday, November 27, 2012

A victory for common-sense

The Greens called for an inquiry into the process of hydraulic fracturing, known more commonly as fracking. The Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment, Dr Jan Wright has conducted that inquiry, canvassing a wide range of expert opinion. And as Radio New Zealand reports, the Greens and Gareth Hughes in particular are going to be VERY upset by the outcome; check this out:

A long-awaited report on fracking from the Parliamentary Commissioner for the Environment will support the use of the gas extraction practice, Radio New Zealand understands.
Dr Jan Wright will release her findings on Tuesday afternoon.
Fracking has been used in New Zealand for 20 years. The practice involves pumping fluids underground to expand cracks and get at trapped pockets of gas.
Previous international studies have suggested the method can trigger earthquakes and mud volcanoes, and can contaminate drinking water.
Radio New Zealand has been told Dr Wright will reject that and say fracking can, and does, operate safely in New Zealand.
However she will suggest that tighter regulations within the industry would be useful. Dr Wright will give details on proposed regulations when her full report is released next year.

"Fracking can, and does, operate safely in New Zealand."  Let's by all means tighten regulations to ensure that there is no ongoing harm, but fracking has essentially been given a clean bill of health by Dr Wright, an independent public servant appointed to her role by Labour in 2007. 

The Greens thrive when they have causes to advance, and fracking was one of those causes. The Greens' front-person on fracking was Gareth Hughes, and he has flown the length and breadth of Aotearoa stirring up support for his and the Greens' cause. One can only speculate as to the size of his carbon footprint with all the fossil fuels consumed to get him to and from his destinations. It must be larger than Ronald McDonald's! We just Googled "Gareth Hughes fracking" and came up with 12,900 results. Today's expected announcement from Dr Wright will be a body-blow to the Greens and their youthful MP.

We are fortunate that New Zealand is mineral and gas-rich. We are less fortunate that a small but vocal minority opposes every effort to extract those minerals and gases from the land and sea. The release of Dr Jan Wright's report on fracking today is a very welcome development, even if it likely to produce calls from Gareth Hughes and his fellow MP's for an inquiry into the inquiry.


Pete George said...

Hughes seems to have prepared the way to say there is 'not enough data', and more research needs to be done to ensure fracking is completely safe.

Lofty said...

I dare say that the watermelons will find a way to try to destroy growth in the country and financial security for NZ workers.

Hypocritical commies.

Kermit said...

"Tighter regulations within the industry".
Hughes has succeeded in calling the shots. Now, policing of those regulations must be focussed upon and the industry kept to its word. I see a lot of scope for Hughes and his followers to pressure the gas extraction industry and protect the environment and isn't that exactly hat Hughes and co devote themselves to doing?

Kermit said...

Your support for and faith in the Parliamentary Commissioners findings are admirable, Keeping Stock.
Given that she strongly advised against the mining of lignite in her report on that industry, you'll be joining her in speaking against National's plans to mine lignite?
Od are you going to adopt a hypocritical stance here?

froga suprema said...

Vote for the Veto Party and we will never have to worry again about progress.