Thursday, November 1, 2012

From the Fish's mouth

Scott at Imperator Fish is on our daily reading list. And as amusing as his lengthy take on Martyn Bradbury's resignation letter to the new editor of The Truth is, another post is much more interesting. Under the heading And On The Forty-Fourth Day he blogs:

When David Shearer was chosen as Labour Party leader I told a few people that we needed to give him a year to settle into the job.

I've been critical of Shearer at times, but I have not called for him to be replaced. I have always said "let's give the man 12 months as leader, and then we'll see."

David Shearer has 43 days to go. 

We've asked this question before, but is the clock ticking on David Shearer's leadership? Is Father Time his enemy? And is the timing of the four-page spread on David Cunliffe in this week's NZ Listener no more than a coincidence?

So many questions; how long will we have to wait for answers?


Edward the Confessor said...

You've claimed his leadership is under imminent threat pretty much weekly since he took the job. Do you ever get bored of being wrong all the time?

beetlebomb said...

No one can believe Labour is this slow Edward. Every blogger is getting impatient, even on the Standard.

Keeping Stock said...

@ Beetlebomb; ESPECIALLY on The Standard. Irish Bill (who is Labour to the core) did the blogging equivalent of throwing up his hands and saying "I give up" just the other day.

Dr Desoto said...

(David Shearer Derangement Syndrome)

Get your daily dose here!

Keeping Stock said...

Just in case you weren't aware Dr Desoto, Scott from Imperator Fish is a LABOUR PARTY member who campaigns for Phil Twyford in West Auckland. If Labour's rank and file has fallen out of love with Mr Shearer...