Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Gone fishing part deux

We've never fished in the deep blue sea before. Not that the sea was especially blue yesterday; the sky was overcast, and there was a three to four metre swell once we were out to the fishing grounds.

But that couldn't deter us from having some fun. The crew of the charter boat were superb, and everyone aboard at least got a strike, even if not every fish was landed. Some of those who fished will have fishy tales to tell in years to come, but others had more success.

We cannot tell a lie; beginner's luck was at play as we snared two decent-sized mahimahi. The first was somewhere in the 7kg region and put up a good enough fight to ensure that this will not be the last time we go fishing in the deep blue sea. The second was even larger; at least a metre in length, and somewhere around 10kg. He did not want to be landed, and even when we got him right to the boat he was diving deep into the sea below us to try and get free.

But land him we did; the fish of the day, for our boat at least! Upon our return to the hotel we took the filleted version to the executive chef, so tonight he will be the catch of the day!!

The surge of adrenaline the first time a fish on our line leapt out of the water was something else. We can see why people quite literally get hooked on fishing. Whilst buying a boat isn't in the short-to-medium term future, chatting nicely to friends who already have boats is a strong probability. We had an awesome day; one that we'll be keen to repeat.

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IHStewart said...

1 hatsaysiIt is addictive. Before the boat get a great rig and go for braid not nylon I have been impressed with softbaits on a braid line.