Wednesday, November 14, 2012


We've just heard that Auckland man Joel Loffley has been found guilty of the murder of 2-year-old James Joseph Ruhe Lawrence, known as JJ.

This has been a sickening case, and as the evidence unfolded, it got even moreso. The revelations of Loffley's violent past and his admission to his partner that he administered cannabis to JJ were especially sad.

And we find it a little strange that Josephine Lawrence has seemingly escaped prosecution for her son's death. After all she was aware of Loffley's propensity to violence, and in fact had been on the receiving end of it. She was also aware that Loffley used cannabis to pacify her child; her two-year-old child, for goodness' sake! And yet she left Loffley alone with JJ.

We don't support the death penalty as a punishment, but if ever there was a case of child abuse which could persuade us to change our mind it is this one. We hope that the Crown seeks a lengthy non-parole period for Loffley; one which reflects the gravity of this case, and the public disgust towards an especially callous and brutal murder.


Anonymous said...

The right decision from the jury, thank goodness. I agree, the mother should also be charged, as JJ had no one else to protect him, not even CYFS. So sad. Justice half-done, at least the monster perp has been locked away.

Saddest case ever, and more of the same.

bsprout said...

I have no problem with Joel Loffley being found guilty because he should also face responsibility for forcing cannabis on the child and previous violence. What we are seeing however is a continuous cycle of disfunction, Loffley himself was beaten and there will be children currently who are surviving in similar circumstances and only a punch away from being another child statistic.

It's a pity that the government has only invested in the ambulance at the bottom of the cliff stuff and have gutted all the initiatives that would stop these things happening in the first place:

Monique Angel said...

A blog post I wish I'd written.
It's disgusting that the "mother" does not receive any kind of censure.

Lofty said...

I also do not support the calls for the death penalty, but I sure do wish the very worst that a long prison sentence may bring this POS.
I also wish a curse on the useless mother, that poor wee child had no protection from the one he should have had.

When are those leaders of Maori society going to speak out and spend those treaty settlement bucks on education and actually getting it away from the brorocracy.

I saw a certain Maori kings right hand man in a flash restaurant a few weeks ago, exhibiting a sense of entitlement to the degree of arrogance, I reckon he would not give a fig (or a pair of undies) for the Maori underclass.