Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Haven't they got their signatures yet?

We've just spotted a new website - www.signathon.org.nz

Apparently the Greens and Labour are having a big push this weekend to get enough signatures on their anti-asset sales petition. We're not sure what the rules are on CIR petitions (or their close cousins PPIR - Political Party Initiated Referenda) as to whether there might be a time limit. But it seems strange that after all the hoopla, they still claim to need 80,000 signatures.

So we're here to help. We'll drop a note to our good mate Rufus Paynter and see if he can sign the petition in all 170 collection points this weekend. And if you've already signed the petition; go ahead and sign it again (and again and again) to make sure that your voice is heard. That's how democracy works, isn't it; vote early and vote often?

That's the least we can do for Labour and the Greens and their wonderful petition, don'tcha think?

Or could it be that the sale of a minority share of a few state assets isn't the burning issue that the Beltway boys and girls from Labour and the Greens think it is?

1 comment:

RationalLyes said...

I notice that South Dunedin Warehouse is on the map of collection points.

I wonder if they have permission this time or if will turn out to be a repeat?