Wednesday, November 21, 2012

How long?

John Key has waded in to Labour's leadership woes; Stuff reports (with our emphasis added):

Prime Minister John Key has used Labour's leadership woes to take a pot shot at the party, as demoted MP David Cunliffe's electorate branch looks likely to keep the issue in the spotlight through a complaint about his treatment.
The party's 34 MPs yesterday unanimously backed leader David Shearer after he called an urgent vote to put speculations of a challenge by Cunliffe to rest.
Cunliffe was stripped of his economic development portfolio and banished from fifth on the front bench to the unranked back bench for repeatedly refusing to back Shearer at last weekend's annual conference.
Leadership speculation overshadowed the conference and Labour's housing policy announcement.
Speaking to reporters in Cambodia, Key late last night waded into drama, declaring: "Labour are in a war that has now broken out in public."
"They fundamentally do not like each other, they fundamentally do not trust each other."
Key said he's happy to go "up against" Shearer in the 2014 election, but said he wouldn't "bet the ranch" on him remaining leader that long. 

Is anyone willing to wager on how long it'll be before there's a post on Red Alert, Tumeke or The Standard accusing John Key of having failed to file a pecuniary interests return declaring an interest in any ranch, be it in New Zealand or elsewhere (Texas?), and decrying him for being a Rich Prick who has the nerve to holiday overseas?


Pinky PM. said...

John Key should keep his beaky nose out of Labour's business. He's got major problems with his own credibility and should deal to the destruction of his own brand (Dunnokeyo) before stirring Shearer's pot.

Bunk said...

Sigh, pinky, why shouldnt he? the left keep poking their nose into his business. If you want to talk credibility how credible is a Labour caucus that has clearly given its party 'rank and file' the middle finger? Not credible and incapable of governing I would say - cannot wait for round 2 in February!

Bottom Bunk said...

His business?
The Dotcom fiasco you mean?
Or the John Banks debacle?
The Education stuff-up?
The Beckham insult?
What 'business are you referring to, Bunk?
Key's honk would be better employed sniffing out incompetence in his own party and from his own hands (and mouth).