Friday, November 30, 2012

UPDATED: "Internet not connected"

UPDATE: It's a Telecom fault, we've now discovered. We have the internet at work, but not (when we left) at home; which is where we do a good portion of our work!


For some obscure and unknown reason, we're getting the dreaded "Internet not connected" message on our laptop this morning; we hate it when that happens! So blogging is temporarily on hold. 

Hopefully all will be well at the office. Speaking of which, we're looking forward to the rollout of Ultra-fast broadband in the very near future. The fibre is in place right outside, and we're very soon going to have a techie come in to connect us up. For our businesses, which rely on communication, it's going to be a real boost; we can't hardly wait! 

 Normal business will resume shortly...

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