Sunday, November 11, 2012

Jones unleashes on the Greens

Shane Jones may be parked in the nether regions of Labour's back bench whilst he waits for the Auditor-General to conclude an investigation into the Bill Liu scandal. But that hasn't stopped him from giving the Greens a serve; the Herald reports:

Northland-based Labour list MP Shane Jones has again hit out at the Green Party for opposing development of the regions's resources, including oil and gas, which he says could help reduce spiralling Maori unemployment.
Energy and Resources Minister Phil Heatley this week announced which areas, including a large section of seabed off Ninety Mile Beach, would be opened up for oil and gas exploration next year. He said the Government had begun consultation with relevant iwi.
Green Party oceans spokesman Gareth Hughes said the Government was "gambling with New Zealand's economy" by allowing the exploration in deep water, "because if there is a leak there is no sure way to stop it".
Promotion of the petroleum industry was "not a smart way to run the economy", he said.
But Mr Jones, who has clashed with the Greens before over the prospect of mining in Northland and also over the party's criticism of the fishing industry, said Mr Hughes' opposition was premature.
"Let the information be uncovered first. It may be that the area is commercially barren, not unlike the minds conceiving that Green rhetoric."

Jones is absolutely right; let's do the exploration. And if it shows that there is a viable oil field off the west coast of Northland, let's go through the process of planning to extract it safely.

But Jones isn't done:

Mr Jones did not think the prospects of any significant oil and gas industry in Northland in the short term were high, "but in the absence of information you can guarantee you'll never see it up there".
"Let these decisions be made in a rational fashion, not this kneejerk emotionalism that one comes to expect from the Green Party."
With Maori unemployment in some parts of Northland running at more than 25 per cent, it was important that the potential to develop new industries in the region was explored.

One need only look towards Taranaki - the self-proclaimed "energy province" - to see what prosperity can be brought to a region when new industries based around oil and gas are established. We have a number of friends working in Taranaki in roles that support the energy companies; engineering, instrumentation, design and consultancy. They owe their commercial success to far-sighted decisions made a few decades ago.

Northland is in desperate need of new investment and wealth. If it comes from beneath the sea, so be it. Gareth Hughes, the Green Party's apparent Expert on Everything needs to join the real world, not the socialist utopia he currently inhabits. And Shane Jones is absolutely right when he refers to "kneejerk emotionalism" from the Green Party and its supporters.


Bored. said...


Keeping Stock said...

Excellent self-analysis there Bored.

Bored. said...

Jones is boring. You obsession with the Greens is boring. Scabbling through the trash for any mention of them would be boring for anyone other than the obsessed.

Lofty said...

I for one am not bored, and am pleased that people like IV2 keep the hypocrisy & lies of our very own communist party in disguise, in the public eye.

Well done Keeping Stock for performing a much needed public service, keep scrabbling for the nuggets that show the watermelons for what they actually are.

Tory Blue said...

Shane Jones is a respected and trustworthy politician. His track-record is unblemished and his position secure.
That's why we respect his opinion. That's why we back him on this issue.
Shane Jones, he's our man!
We here at Keeping Stock have always believed Shane Jones has integrity and credibility and so we endorse his statements.
Shane, you're like a brother, bro!

Caliph Obana said...

I'm with Lofty, KS - keep scrabbling, keep sawing away at the Greens, no matter how low you have to go, no matter far backwards you need to bend, no matter how petty the point, no matter who derides the Greens, join the barracking, throw your hat in with them be they Jones, Peters, Craig or Dunne, they're your mates in the vital smearing of the Greens.
THE GREENS ARE GETTING TOO BIG FOR THEIR BOOTS! This is common knowledge. We MUST bring them down! Do not get distracted by National's multiple f***-ups, KS! Never cover them here - IT'S BEST WE DON'T KNOW!
Our mission is to undermine Green popularity. Give it everything, Keeping Stock. You too Lofty, Freedom Fighter, Righteous Dude!

Keeping Stock said...

The Robert Guyton clones are out in force today...

Lofty said...

The truth always hurts know when you are on the money by the amount of inane posts RG & the sprout conjur up between the 2 of them.

Deflection and nonsense are stock in trade for commies, always has been, always will.
That is how they appeal and sell their filthy, destroying policies to the non thinkers in society.

The good thing is that they are only on the rise as Labour is self imploding, that will not last forever, and then the rapid descent will occur.

bsprout said...

"The Robert Guyton clones are out in force today..."

KS you don't realize how hard it is for us in Southland, you never know when you bump into Robert if it is actually him or one of his clones. I visited him at his house the other day and he has at least a dozen of them sitting in a shed tapping away at computer keyboards, at least ten were out working in his garden and and I must have seen at least three on the streets of Riverton as I was passing through.

I have spoken the real Robert (as far as I could tell) about the morality of continually replicating himself like this but he refused to give a direct answer. Apparently it's legal and therefore he didn't feel obliged to say anything more. In his opinion if Banks and Key can ignore morality and ethics and use legal technicalities for determining bottom lines, he was going to do the same.

I don't think, however, that he has thought through his strategy because I can see Banks and Key doing the same thing. Just imagine how the people of Epsom will suffer in the next election with dozens of John Banks campaigning around their streets, it's
the stuff of nightmares.

I feel most sorry for Robert's wife as she never really knows who she's sleeping with at night. Is sleeping with a genetic equivalent of your husband polygamy?

I actually blame all of this on you, KS, as I'm sure it was you who put the idea in Roberts head in the first place. There were no clones before they were mentioned on your blog. You have a lot to answer for.