Sunday, November 11, 2012

Questions for the Dom-Post

We didn't manage to get a copy of the NZ Truth this week; we couldn't find one for love nor money. But the lead story is an interesting one.

The story is related on both Whaleoil's blog and on the Truth website today. And it raises some serious questions which deserve answers; check this out:

We are releasing the full story online about Phil Kitchin, the Dompost and Greg King.
All the while the Dompost remains silent despite feeling the need to report live from the funeral and photograph people in grief. The only thing they seem not to have done is properly answer the questions that TRUTH asked. Other media organisations are asking far the editor has been obtuse.
TRUTH has uncovered that in the days leading up to the death of Greg King, the Dom Post was preparing to publish a damning article on King.
Like many New Zealanders, Truth is a huge fan of Greg King and the work he has done. We are very mindful of the profound grief his family and close friends must be feeling at this time but the information in our possession is far too important to be left untold.
Greg King was facing enormous pressure. His health was deteriorating and his workload was incredible. This was a man who just could not say no to helping people.
It is our belief that this pressure reached boiling point when King discovered that the Dominion Post was about to break a story on him and the legal aid system.

The story then goes on to ask the Dom-Post some very direct questions; read on:

Why did the Dominion Post pull the story? What did they know?
In order to justify their approach to a distressed man, the Dominion Post and its investigative journalist Phil Kitchin need to answer the following questions:
1. What was the nature and scope of the investigation that the Dominion Post was undertaking into Greg King and his legal practice?
2. What contact did the Dominion Post (their staff, contractors or freelancers) have with Greg King and his wife or anybody in his legal practice in the week prior to his death, including on Friday 2 November?
3. Who specifically from the Dominion Post has had contact over the last few weeks with an inmate at Rimutaka prison with regard to the investigation into Greg King?
4. At what time on the evening of Friday 2 November was the decision made to pull the story that was scheduled to appear in the Dominion Post on Saturday 3 November? And why?
5. When did the Dominion Post team learn of Greg King’s death?
If the Dominion Post had uncovered the scoop of the century why did they abandon their story at the eleventh hour?

 The only comment from Dom-Post editor is that the Truth story is "wrong". She hasn't said why or how the Truth is wrong, and has refused to comment further. It's certainly not the strongest denial in the history of denials.

The Dominion-Post may well have been planning to run a story involving Greg King, and may well have approached him for comment, and asked his wife to pass on their message. That in itself is not an issue. However King's untimely death has made this of far more importance than it may otherwise have been.

If the Dominion-Post has nothing to hide, it should respond to Truth's questions, and the matter can be laid to rest. But at the moment, the Dom-Post's silence is damning.


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