Sunday, November 18, 2012

Quote of the Day - 18 November 2012

John Armstrong sums up yesterday's developments at the Labour Party conference:

David Shearer's future as Labour leader is now in serious question after he was effectively shafted by delegates at his party's weekend conference.
Shearer was already under huge pressure to deliver a blockbuster speech when he addresses the conference today. That speech is now almost the least of his worries. Yesterday's conference proceedings were an unmitigated disaster for the already-struggling leader.
Delegates were so blinded and so intoxicated by the prospect of securing a say in the election of future leaders that they did not think through the consequences and have ended up undermining the current one - quite possibly fatally.
So keen were delegates to get the new rules to apply as soon as possible, they have handed David Cunliffe a golden opportunity to mount a challenge to Shearer. Cunliffe is not likely to waste that chance.
Cunliffe now needs the backing of only 13 other MPs in the 34-strong Labour caucus to trigger the first party-wide leadership election when Shearer's continued tenure comes up for the standard mid-term re-endorsement in February.
If Cunliffe gets the numbers to force a vote, Shearer's position as leader will become untenable and he will have little choice but to resign.

John Armstrong has absolutely nailed it. Rather than the 2012 conference uniting Labour's caucus, it is now more bitterly divided than ever. The will of Labour's rank and file will prevail, but the collateral damage will be severe and long-lasting.  


Junior TA said...

I reckon the quote of the day comes from Kim Dotcom on Q&A.
He says John Key is lying. He says Key is walking around naked, claiming to be wearing clothes. He claims he has evidence that shows Key knew of his presence before the date he claims to have heard, and that the evidence will be presented in court. He was in no way diffident about his claim. Dotcom will reveal Key, and do it with evidence.
Can't wait.

Keeping Stock said...

Then Mr Dotcom should put up, or he should shut up. And you should stop trolling.

Junior TA said...

He has put up, today on Q&A, and will follow up, in court, with the evidence.
He's no slouch.

Keeping Stock said...

David Shearer said he had cast-iron evidence too, but when push came to shove...

I wouldn't trust anything Dotcom says.

Bunk said...

He's no slouch? Yeah, that's right, put all your hopes in a convicted foreign fraudster who is more than likely telling lies himself.

Keeping Stock said...

@ Bunk; don't feed the troll!

Junior TA said...
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Keeping Stock said...

You're a slow learner Junior...stick to the subject.