Sunday, November 4, 2012

RIP Greg King

We've just logged on to the 'net for the first time since yesterday morning, and have just heard the sad news of the death of Greg King. And tributes are flowing, as the Herald reports:

Tributes flowed last night for top criminal barrister Greg King, who was found dead beside his car. He was 42.
Attorney-General Chris Finlayson led the eulogies for King, a brilliant legal mind and devoted family man, who is survived by his wife, Catherine, and daughters Pippa, 5, and Millie, 3.
The Law Society president Jonathan Temm said lawyers were under enormous pressure, and King had been affected by public condemnation of the Ewen Macdonald not guilty verdicts.
But the case took its toll in the form of public condemnation of the lawyer.
Temm said King had copped a lot of flak after his most high-profile client, Feilding farmer Macdonald, was acquitted of killing his brother-in-law Scott Guy in July.
"When you pick up a newspaper or turn on a radio and people are slagging off the outcome, that indirectly reflects on him too," Temm said.
King was a "brilliant lawyer" who accepted unpopular cases, which took courage.
"He represented them with brilliance and determination. Greg had a rare skill. He was an orator from a kind of bygone age."

It takes a rare person to be a criminal defence lawyer. However much we may dislike the idea at times, every person charged with an offence is entitled to a competent defence.

Greg King was far more than a competent defence lawyer. He was one of the very best in the country, and he will be remembered alongside others who have gone before him such as Mike Bungay and Trevor de Cleene. It is inevitable that the Ewen Macdonald defence will be his epitaph.

Our thoughts and prayers go from afar to Catherine and to the King Family. Their loss is New Zealand's loss.


Anonymous said...

Why is there so much out-pouring of maudlin sentimentality for a lawyer who's career was most noted for defending scumbags, and enriching himself in the process ?

gravedodger said...

A typical moronic comment under the cloak of anonymity as to any form of ID whilst our host is off line.
Your turd will be swept away and deservedly so, in the meantime it will stand as a measure of your intellectual deficiency.

Greg King was a rare lawyer who could give some rather unpopular defendants the defense the law dictates they are entitled to while avoiding any stain on his professional standing, hence the very revealing list of edited messages lauding the man on Kiwiblog.

You are more of a scumbag than most of those Mr Kind defended so admirably.