Saturday, November 10, 2012

Speaking of hyperbole

We referred to hyperbole in our first post of the morning. And Clare Curran gave a dramatic demonstration of it yesterday with this media release:

Communications and IT Spokesperson
9 November 2012 MEDIA STATEMENT

‘Catastrophic Failure’ Hits Southern Cross Cable

A ‘catastrophic failure’ has struck the Southern Cross international internet cable, says Labour’s Communications and IT spokesperson Clare Curran.
“Labour has learnt that a ‘catastrophic failure’ at Southern Cross’s Alexandria landing station occurred this morning due to an unauthorised and un-notified software change to their wavelength switching platform, which blew up.
“We understand that partial service has been restored by reinstating old circuits via New Zealand. Full restoration is still being worked on.
“This shows the Government’s inaction and disregard for our international infrastructure could have equally catastrophic consequences for New Zealand.  
 "This is a crisis for New Zealand. Without international connectivity, our financial system and a large percentage of business would be severely affected.
“The Government must address the issue of international connectivity with urgency and provide a full assessment of the risks New Zealand faces through software failures and natural events on the single cable.
“Issues of capacity and affordability of data pale into insignificance when you consider the havoc that could be wrecked by a significant outage. This is a matter of grave importance for New Zealand.”

There's just one small problem for Clare Curran; there was NO "catastrophic failure" yesterday as Scoop reports:

No 'Catastrophic Failure' on Southern Cross Cable

MEDIA RELEASE November 9, 2011
Southern Cross Network

Contrary to a misleading and inaccurate media release from Labour’s Clare Curran, no ‘catastrophic failure’ has occurred on the Southern Cross Cable.

The cable is, a figure of 8 network providing internet services to New Zealand, Australia, Pacific and the US. In the early hours of this morning a limited outage affecting 10% of our active capacity occurred during our maintenance window which is a low traffic impacting period.
The outage occurred at one of our Sydney cable stations, Alexandria, and it lasted from 3.17am – 4.28am, Sydney Time, impacting 4 of our customers.
A problem occurred and the switch was reverted to its original software. The incident occurred as a part of authorised work taking place to expand capacity on the Southern Cross Network.

Oh dear. Who jumped the gun Ms Curran? Labour's Queen of the SMOG (and self-described "communications expert") has got it wrong yet again.

There's really only one thing left to say; this is a "catastrophic failure" by Labour's Communications spokeperson.


homepaddock said...

Not just a SMOG but a potential MSMOG too - her media release went to Scoop, though fortunately for her I don't think any MSM picked it up.

Probably any reporters who saw it did what she should have - checked for facts before rushing into print.

Keeping Stock said...

Quite so Ele; she should have followed the communications equivalent of the old builders' maxim; measure twice, cut once.

You'd expect better from a communications expert wouldn't you?

Mark D said...

We've recently seen the capabilities of Government IT. Therefore the obvious solution to a well-managed privately run solution that's working, is to have a government investigation and nationalize it. After all it's critical infrastructure. I'm sure that will prove to be a real boost to the economy from both a reliability and cost perspective.