Wednesday, November 28, 2012

The Fellowship of the Labour Party...

There was a moment of mirth during Question Time this afternoon. Tau Henare asked a patsy question of Steven Joyce who was acting on behalf of Finance Minister Bill English. It was all played pretty straight until, around the 3:50 mark Henare asked Joyce "What reports has he seen about other potential productions we might see in New Zealand?" Here's the fun, courtesy of In the House:

As entertaining as Mr Joyce's lengthy answer was, the beam from Labour's back bench was the highlight of the whole thing. David Cunliffe found the whole situation most amusing. 

And Joyce's closing line was perhaps his best:

We are due to hear more about the conclusion of this particular story in February of next year, but I understand that it might be a little bit of a flop, because, rather than giant eagles, the fellowship have decided to put their faith in an elderly mallard.

Good stuff! 


Arrow Gantone said...

The real fun came when Russel Norman invited John Key to make a complete prat of himself and Key obliged, with bells on. The House, both sides, was astonished by Key's nonsensical responses to Norman's pointed questioning. Have a look at the clips from the House today, Keeping Stock, and tell me Key's woeful performance wasn't the laugh of the day.

Keeping Stock said...

"Arrogant tone" describes Russel Norman to a tee. He always manages to sound sneering and patronising. Then again, that's pretty typical of the do-as-we-say-not-as-we-do Greens Party.

Arrow Gantone said...

He skewered Key today though didn't he. John Key is,quite frankly, no match for Russel Norman. In a face to face debate, Norman would destroy Key. He had the bottle to call Key 'chicken' in the House. Key's afraid of him now! What an interesting turn of events. Many people haven't realised this yet, but many have. Have you, Keeping Stock?

Miss Fletcher said...

The Greens approve of name-calling in the House now?
Weren't they supposed to be above that sort of behaviour?
"He had the bottle to call Key 'chicken' in the House" suggests you admire such courageous language from the soooooooo clean Greens.
Lost their 100% mojo right there.

Kermit said...

Norman's 'chicken' call on Key signaled the turning point for the prime minister. Someone called him out and he folded. Norman knows he's got him and Key knows it too.
She's right behind Norman, like the rest of us naughty, won't do what we're told to do, uppitty Greens.
Go Green!

Its not easy being Green said...

Skewered?? Hardly. All it was was "Doctor" Wussel getting all hot and bothered like a petulant child. And its really cool that the watermelons still dine out on the non event 'chicken call' - given that it was done back in May. You just keep enjoying those little moments.

Keeping Stock said...

I'll bite; here's the incident in question:

Norman, far from being the all-conquering hero that AG and Kermit make him out to be came across as petulant, childish and arrogant. Far from him having "bottle" he had an oral question summarily removed, and proved once and for all that for all the bluff and bluster about principles, the Greens are just another game-playing political party.

If you think that was a "turning point" Kermit, good luck in your delusion.

This day in history said...

This month is the 40th anniversary of US country singer Tom T. Hall's hit single about the Green Party, "Watermelons Whine".

The release was Hall's observations of Green delegates at the 1972 Democrat National Convention.

Kermit said...

Russel not only gets under Key's skin, he clearly gets under yours!
This is excellent. He'll inflict damage on Key from here on in and I'll report on his glorious victories here, so we can share he fun.
It's a free service, don't thank me. It just makes me swell-headed.