Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tweet of the Day - 13 November 2012

We presume that Danyl from the Dim-Post is being satirical with this tweet, as is his wont:

Or maybe he isn't; who would know anymore?


Michael said...

Not too far off the truth, the activists seem to want a leader who is as liberal-left as they are, but they should remember in NZ votes are in the centre.

Mitchell said...

Key, otoh, makes his up as he goes, depending on what he thinks his audience wants to hear.

Kiri Rapana said...

Mitchell is absolutely right. Key is probably the best ever Prime Minister in his ability to pitch perfectly to his audiences. People respond positively to him because he speaks to them directly about things that matter to them. He is topical, self-deprecating, and explains difficult subjects in an easily understood manner which is appreciated by his audience. He is never condescending, which trips up other politicians from time to time. Nor does he put down, or scoff, at people who might disagree with him.
I agree with Mitchell, we are lucky to have Key as Prime Minister.

Apirana (Buck) Te Heuheu said...

I agree with Kiri. Key is a shyster and a snake-oil salesmen who pitches his sell perfectly to take in the gullible and the greedy. By his own admission, he's out there entertaining thousands of New Zealanders every week. Unfortunately, and Kiri will agree with me here, his recent slip-ups with he truth have left him looking like a con-man and that's unfortunate because it means his credibility has nowhere to go now but down.

Keeping Stock said...

Ahem; just in case you noticed, this post is about David Shearer...

Carlos Cas. deNada said...

Most of your posts are about David Shearer. David Shearer this, David Shearer that. Will Shearer do this, will he do that. Who supports David Shearer, who doesn't. Will David Shearer say this, will he say that..."Give us an 'a', give us a 'd', give us an 'n-a-u-s-e-u-m!"

Glad Eoli said...

This blog is a rightwing blog isn't it and you would expect posts about National, right?
Wrong. There is hardly ever anything here about the National Party or the MPs in the Government and certainly little about John key. It is as though the blogger is embarrassed by the Government's performance or lack of it and of the behaviour and performance of John key. It didn't used to be like that here. There was post after post on "John" and his charisma. That seems to have gone. Now it is all about attacks on Shearer, Labour, the Greens and Winston.
Nothing on Key and National.
What does that tell you?

Charlie H. said...

7.3% unemployment. That 's what it tells me.

Lofty said...

It tells me that you don't own the blog, KS does and he can post whatever he likes, the way I see it.

If you don't like the messages, shoot through, it is a choice we all have.

Sounds like a pure case of diddums to me from you Robby.

Andy Ivy said...

It tells me that regulars come here to read those stories and vent their fury at the host because of them. Two of them have been banned, but they still come in under cover. Not unlike the would-be bank robber wearing a balaclava, but with his shirt sleeves rolled up revealing his own name tattoo'd on his forearms. The rest of us find such naivity a little endearing, and the host soars up the blog popularity register.

E-coli glade said...

Apparently Green blogs are obsessed with John Key, National, Hekia Parata, and john Banks, yet no one goes to those, according to the statistics.
More like bogs than blogs, stagnant, slimy and fetid.

7.3% said...

"The host soars up the blog popularity register"

Then you should be thanking your trolls. What's in it for them though?
Perhaps they enjoy having their comments seen on such a popular site?
Who can say?

Cam Pylobacter said...

"Apparently Green blogs are obsessed with John Key, National, Hekia Parata, and john Banks"

You'd have to be a fool to believe that. Here are the last 10 post-titles from Frogblog:

Rwanda denies entry to former Australian Green Party leader Bob Brown

Sandspit: Threatened bird habitat not a dumping ground

Changes to local government bad for local democracy

Remembering Waihi and Pike

Death of an ETS

Unemployment is a human rights issue

100 years of the public service

Gay red top

Climate change and New Zealand – Mr Groser leads us to the promised land…

Wilkinson resignation only symbolic

MMP changes belong to the people, not parties

Remembering Rod: Seven years on

Obsessed with John Key, National, Hekia Parata, and john Banks, "E"?

Your are making stuff up, John Key style!

Wanna list the last 12 posts by Keeping Stock, "E"?

Didn't think so.

Dee Pinnet said...

@7.3%, definitely an ego thing, trying to one-up the host. Failure just makes them angrier and more determined. They have to resort to the trivial to try and get a rise out of our genial host, so self defeating mostly.

Keeping Stock said...

Apropro of nothing, I had a dose of campylobacter a few years ago. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, not that I actually have enenmies...

Fiddle D.D. said...

Neither enenmies nor enemas would I wish upon you, Mr Congeniality.

Keeping Stock said...

@ Fiddle DD - whoops! Fat Finger Syndrome strikes again!