Thursday, November 8, 2012

We can't help but wonder...

The Oxford Dictionary reads thus:

So we can't help but wonder; since when have homosexual men had exclusive use of the adjective "gay"? 

We thought that Kevin Hague might be above petty identity politics such as this, but perhaps we are mistaken. If he talked to young people more, he'd know EXACTLY what John Key was talking about, and his faux outrage would be unnecessary.


Lesley said...

In this online dictionary the homosexual definition for "gay" comes 4th. I think the word "homo' should now be used instead of "gay". Kevin Hague doesn't care - he calls himself that and is very proud of it. If a member of parliament is OK with calling himself homo - then homo it is from now. Those who have the Christian name "Gay" can now reclaim the original meaning of their name. Do you remember reading in school the readers (might have been Janet and John) and they were happy and gay. I think it is time we used the word gay like Janet and John did.

Steven Hope said...

Hague hasn't said he is outraged.

Key is a fool to use a word that's hurtful to some young homosexuals males, who are statistically much more likely to commit suicide than heterosexual males of their age and in part due to bullying, much of which is through words.

Key should know better.

Seems he doesn't care.

Mirriam Joyce said...

From the picture it seems the Green MP is lampooning himself rather than belittling someone else as Key did.
Big difference.
Kevin Hague has more integrity in his little finger than Key has in his whole pudgy body.

Keeping Stock said...

Gee Mirriam; you almost had credibility there. What a shame about the little ad-hom

David Winter said...

I don't doubt that Hague knows what Key meant, the point is associating bad/weird/dumb with "gay" acts to further marginalise the lives of young people who are already at risk.

I don't think it's too much to expect the PM to not use such language, and to apologize unequivocally when he slips up?

Alison said...

Perhaps Key meant queer, rather than weird. It is hard to keep up with the urban dictionary. Would queer have been acceptable? Or are certain words now the property of affected minorities, to be used at their discretion?