Sunday, November 11, 2012

UPDATED: We can't help but wonder...

The Herald on Sunday has another story today on housing affordability in Auckland. It seems to be their pet subject at the moment. It tells the sad tale of the lengths that the couple above is having to go to get a house in right price bracket.

But we can't help but wonder; is the Kate Sutton pictured above with her partner the same Kate Sutton who is the Labour Party's women's vice-president, and the same Kate Sutton who has been a Labour Party candidate at the last two elections?

Given that housing affordability has become very much a political issue, wouldn't you think that the Herald on Sunday, a bastion of journalistic ethics as it is might just disclose that one of the people it had centred a story around has something of an interest in discrediting the Government? Or are we hoping for too much?

UPDATE: Commenter Murray confirms the subterfuge

UPDATE #2: We gave Kate Sutton the benefit of the doubt initially, and blamed the HoS for slack journalism, but no we're not so sure; DPF has found this on Facebook:

So Kate Sutton is boasting about getting the Herald on Sunday to push a key Labour Party policy without her role in the party being disclosed. Is the HoS at fault, or is Kate Sutton the Labour Party's Max Dillon Coyle


Murray said...


Anonymous said...

The so-called independent press people are as subtle as a runaway bulldozer!


Edward the Confessor said...

Subterfuge? What did they use a false name or something? No? Tell lies? No? Why don't you address the issue instead of constantly attacking the messenger?

Keeping Stock said...

Crikey Edward; you're a fine one to talk about attacking the messenger. But if you think it's fine for newspapers to have people parotting Labour Party policy without disclosing that said person is a senior LP insider, I guess that tells us all we need to know about you.

Keeping Stock said...

They said the situation in Auckland was so bad the Government needed to introduce a capital gains tax if there was to be any relief for buyers.

They believed taxing investment properties was the only way to make home ownership affordable for families and less attractive for investors.

How interesting Edward. A random Auckland couple supports Labour Party policy

Edward the Confessor said...

Your point is what now? I imagine lots of people support a CGT. It makes perfect sense after all.

I find it odd that you guys act like overzealous hall monitors on such trivial matters, when you don't say a peep about how the government has increased unemployment being to a 13 year high (to pick a random example).

Commie Buster said...

Yes, Kate Sutton is a complete unknown, completely anonymous. No one has ever seen her or heard of her or her connection to the Labour Party. there's no way she would be recognized - yours is a fantastic bust KS!
Clearly, this is an attempt by the Labour Party and the Herald to trick us all, by using this totally unrecognizable person to front their story. And that t-shirt! The absolute arrogance of the man! Did he think he would get away with that?!? No Commie is going to put one past our Keeping Stock! This outrage has to be exposed from Kaitaia to the Bluff. This is bigger thn the GCSB scandal, in fact, that never happened!
Keep up the great work team!

Bunk said...

Sigh,righto Edward the Confusser, the woman is a Labour Party hack who has probably conned a graduate reporter into producing a story which spews Labour Party policy. Then she brags about it FFS! My guess is that the rest of their story is either exaggerated or complete bullshit. But what can you expect from the Party which brought us Taito Philip Field eh?

And I will comment on the unemployment rate if you like Ed - have you been outside lately? checked that there might be a world recession going on? Read anything about how there is no safety net for the NZ economy because of your hero Cullen spending surpluses to buy elections? Or how Labour was borrowing money and plonking it in the super fund while entering recession while the rest of the world boomed? No I thought not - guess I will sit back and wait to be called a name again.

Keeping Stock said...

And the other things Bunk:

a) she already half-owns a house, and
b) she has a budget of between $600 and $700k to buy with.

Now granted; she might not be able to buy in exactly the suburb she wants to, but if she can't buy an adequate home somewhere in Auckland for that kind of money, she's hard to please.

My first home was a less-than-1000sqft 3brm box; simply because that was all my wife and I could afford. There was no ensuite or walk-in wardrobe, nor was there an internal access garage. In fact we couldn't actually afford to build a garage straight away at all, so we waited until we could.

Nowadays though, everyone seems to want things handed to them on as plate. Well pardon me, but some things have to be earned.

Edward the Confessor said...

Yep, you've got yourself a house, so everyone else can starve. The higher the market goes the better eh?

So Bunk, she tweeted about it! Sounds like she was really trying to cover up who she was innit? And now you're blaming the previous government for the current one's appalling management of the economy. A familiar refrain. IV2 blames them for Pike River. The current crowd aren't responsible for anything are they?

Bunk said...

Yes, she's probably pissed that she cant move into Herne Bay next door to Cunliffe! Also, can you believe that she uses 'street' speak in the FB posting? try hard!
From the urban dictionary: Holla! = "One of those expressions white people just should not say. Use of this term by white people generally results in making them look extremely dorky."

Bunk said...

Geez Ed, she certainly isnt starving - in fact she could do with cutting back on the twinkies.

And the familiar refrain is .....because it is true. You heard of that concept Ed? No?

THanks for hanging around Ed, your postings are a joke and they give me a good laugh every time.

Archie Bunker said...

Making Bunk laugh - all it takes is a wriggling piece of string.

Edward the Confessor said...

Back to the ad homs, Bunk (she's fat, uses slang, you're a joke etc etc). It's all you've got innit? Blaming a government that's been out of office for four years for the current one's abysmal performance, and abuse.

You're really not very good at this are you? Even IV2's embarrassed for you.

Anonymous said...

I hope she enjoyed her 15 minutes of fame. This kind of stunt will damage her credibility in the long term.

Bunk said...

Edward, where to start? I was stating fact, your posts are funny, and it is truly incredible how you manage to undertake a full life with one eye closed and the other permanently set to the left - do the police close roads for you when you drive to the dairy?
Was that another ad hom? Gee, sorry mate, I guess when you cease calling people dim.....?
Btw the economic ineptness of the last labour govt is just a starting point, but you won't attempt to counter that argument so I will take it that I am right.