Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Regan Cunliffe from Throng blogs:

When Rachel Hunter said to New Zealand’s Got Talent finalists, J Geeks, “I hope that you get the opportunity to go show the world…” they should have replied:
“Yeah, nah, don’t worry, J Geek vs the World is coming soon to TV3″.
Their new show, from the makers of The GC, has been in development for TV3 for over a year.
J Geek vs The World received $20,000 in development funding from New Zealand On Air prior to TVNZ being granted $1.6m in funding for New Zealand’s Got Talent and has received an additional funding of $6,500 since then.
New Zealand’s Got Talent declared “we’re hoping to find New Zealand’s next big thing” when they launched the series 11 weeks ago. Haven’t they already been found?
I wonder if there was an internal memo at TV3 encouraging staff to vote for their stars.

Oh dear. Someone at TVNZ's talent identification department is going to be VERY red-faced over this.  Regan Cunliffe's piece is well worth a read in its entirety. TV3 certainly seems to have successfully ambushed its state-owned competitor.

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Dave said...

While the proposed series did have some development funding from NZ on Air, TV3 have confirmed today that the show ‘J Geek vs The World’ isn't actually going ahead now.