Saturday, December 15, 2012

A TVNZ disconnect

TVNZ has this morning been showing images of the storm damage in Samoa. Their Pacific reporter Barbara Drever flew up to Samoa late yesterday.

Now we appreciate that TVNZ has news obligations, especially to the large Pasifika community in New Zealand. But rushing a reporter up there seems a bit incongruous with what was being reported on One News last night; check this out:

Travel plans up in the air
The cyclone has also wreaked havoc on the travel plans of hundreds here in New Zealand, including Samoans trying to get home.
Flights between New Zealand and Apia have been cancelled since yesterday morning, but Air New Zealand is re-opening its service to Apia tonight and offering extra flights for those hoping to help the clean-up operation.
But for many, their hopes of getting to Samoa for Christmas look slim.
"I was really looking forward to seeing my partner and the little one," says Samoan Tayne Laumua. "Looking at all the photos on Facebook and all the updates, I feel really helpless just sitting here."
Laumua, booked on Virgin Airlines, could be waiting more than a week.
"They said 'we've shifted you - the next available flight is Christmas Day'," he says.

We really feel for Mr Laumua. He's obviously dead keen to get home to Samoa to see his wife and child, but now faces the prospect of at least a ten-day wait. We doubt that he's feeling a lot of Christmas cheer this morning towards the TVNZ folk who interviewed him yesterday, filed their story, then packed their bags and flew to Samoa. All the while Mr Laumua will be contemplating his own situation.

Might TVNZ, having built a news story around Mr Laumua's plight, not been able to include him in its crew? It just doesn't seem right.


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