Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Clara's got talent

Clara van Wel is the winner of New Zealand's Got Talent, and deservedly so. She was a class above the other competitors in the competition. Here's her winning performance:

At just 15, Clara has amazing potential. She plays the guitar beautifully, she writes her own songs, and she has been blessed with a beautiful, rich voice. She has a maturity beyond her years, and it's hard not to draw comparisons with a teenaged Brooke Fraser.

Sony Music has signed Clara, and Where Do You Find Love has been recorded and will be released this Friday. We just hope that Sony does not try to mould Clara into something which she is not.

The track record of "instant" stars from TV talent programmes has not been good, although it should be remembered that Split Ends got their start on New Faces way back in the 1970's, before they became Split Enz. They had a freshness and uniqueness about them too. But Clara van Wel will be successful simply because she does indeed have talent.

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