Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Fishy brilliance

Scott at Imperator Fish is starting to rival Danyl from the Dim-Post in the satire stakes. This morning, and under the heading New Zealand Cricket Recruits Fresh Talent he blogs:

In an unexpected move, Dunedin South MP Clare Curran today confirmed she would quit politics to take up a new role at New Zealand Cricket.
Curran said she would join New Zealand Cricket in April 2013 as Senior Communications Manager.

Her new role will be to manage the organisation's internal and external communications, and to provide mentoring and strategic advice to the national side.

It is understood that the CEO of New Zealand Cricket offered her the job after being impressed with her work in developing the Labour Party's communications strategy, and her skills in managing conflict.

Curran said she had been attracted to the role by the opportunity to work with a group of dedicated, gifted and enthusiastic professionals, and to watch as the life was slowly squeezed out of them by inept and bumbling administrators with little or no experience of the pressures of test cricket.

"I am joining an organisation going from strength to strength," said Curran. "I've been impressed with how management handled the very difficult task of first isolating and then demoralising our best test player, to the point where he now needs a break from the game for the sake of his sanity.

"It's also a pleasure to be working so closely with other leading Otago people. Mike Hesson is doing a great job, although I know he's been subjected to a fair bit of criticism. That's where I can help," said Ms Curran.

Although her day to day role would be managing both internal and external communications within New Zealand Cricket, Curran said she would also take up a mentoring role within the organisation, helping coaching and management staff within the national men's side build a positive culture, one where failure was celebrated just as much as success.

The whole piece is well worth a read; it's excellent stuff. And we wonder if David Shearer might be hoping that it isn't satire at all; it would solve a problem for him!

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