Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Has the NZ First board stuffed up?

The Brendan Horan saga gets more and more confusing. Over at Kiwiblog, DPF blogs about the cancellation of Horan's NZF party membership which we had referred to earlier today:

This looks like an attempt to get around the requirement in their own rules for a hearing into any expulsion. But on the face of it they are lying. Hansard records:
Honourable members, under Standing Order 35(1)(c) I have been advised by the New Zealand First Party that its parliamentary membership has changed and that Brendan Horan is no longer a member of the New Zealand First Party for parliamentary purposes. Accordingly, under Standing Order 34(4) Brendan Horan is from 4 December 2012 regarded as an Independent member for parliamentary purposes.
There is no mention by the Speaker about Horan notifying the Speaker. Peters did.
I think Peters has made the right ultimate decision, but that doesn’t excuse the total lack of any sort of fair process, let alone trampling on his party’s own rules. It is hypocrisy especially as Peters went to court over National’s non-selection of him in the 1990s.
This just confirms that NZ First isn’t a real political party. It is a personality cult. They haven’t even managed to elect a Deputy Leader more than a year after the election.

Oh dear. The only reason that Brendan Horan had a meeting with the Speaker last week was because the Leader of NZ First notified the Speaker that Brendan Horan was "no longer a member of the New Zealand First Party for parliamentary purposes.". And yet the NZF board has kicked Horan out of the party because it claims that Horan opted out of the party. 

We can't help but wonder who advised the NZF board that Horan had abandoned the party; was it Winston Peters? If that is the case, he has shown even more bad faith towards his former protege.

DPF is right; New Zealand First is a political party in name only. In all other ways, it is simply a vehicle for Winston Peters. And Peters is in danger of making Brendan Horan look like a victim in all this. 

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