Wednesday, December 5, 2012

"Horan sickness"

One of the things we love about Rod Emmerson's NZ Herald cartoons is his knack for segueing together two totally unrelated stories to produce an amusing cartoon. And this morning's offering is a prime example:

"Horan Sickness" indeed; perhaps Winston Peters now knows how the public of New Zealand feels about THAT $158,000 from years ago.

Well done Rod Emmerson.


The Quizzitian said...

I've searched your blog for comment about the National party and John Key that might give me confidence in them, but there is nothing. All you talk about is the opposite side and sport. Are you trying to hide something? Is your party that bad?

Duncan Brown said...

Quizzitian, that's just a smokescreen. KS can blog on what he wants. There's nothing stopping you reading The Standard, Frogblog or Red Alert if you really want to see an opposing view.