Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Thanks for nothing Green Party

Hectoring from the Green Party seems likely to have contributed to another blow for New Zealand's economic development; TVNZ reports:

Petrobras has decided not to proceed with permits it holds for deepwater prospecting off the North Island's east coast.
The Brazilian company was awarded a permit in 2010 to explore 12,000 square kilometres in the Raukumara Basin for gas and oil.
Asked today if he was disappointed Petrobras was not proceeding, Finance Minister Bill English said other companies were interested and committed to oil and gas exploration.
"The Government has invested a bit of time and money in making sure it's attractive, exploration is attractive, the companies are always making their decision in the context of now some quite big shifts in world energy markets with the extensive shale gas finds in the US for instance," English said.
Local iwi and green groups fought a high profile campaign - even taking to the seas - in a bid to stop Petrobras's exploration.
Gisborne District Councillor Manu Caddie said he was not surprised the level of public opposition to deep sea drilling got Petrobras worried.
He said the idea to prospect for oil in the area was crazy from the outset as it had abundant marine life and locals used it as a food resource.

Not surprisingly, the Greens' leading social media presence is gloating:

Clearly, we do not share Gareth Hughes' delight in this announcement. New Zealand sits on some rich mineral, oil and gas deposits. Yet every attempt to extract them safely and create greater wealth and more jobs is resisted by the Greens. When the MV Rena ran aground on Astrolabe Reef last year, Hughes whipped up a frenzy around it. He opportunistically linked the stranding of the Rena to a possible leak from deep-sea drilling, even when there is a world of difference between the two events.

Now Petrobras has pulled the pin on an investment which could have been worth hundreds of millions of dollars to New Zealand, and which could have provided hundreds of jobs on the East Coast, one of New Zealand's more impoverished regions. And the Greens are reportedly over the moon; whilst all the while they claim to represent the poor, and complain about growing unemployment.

Another opportunity to grow the New Zealand economy has gone begging. And on this occasion, far from being part of the solution, Green Party policies and politics are a part of the problem. 


mark said...

An ill thought out Nat strategy falls over because it conveniently ignored the reality of a world glut in natural gas causing a drop in demand for oil.

But no, as per usual your sycophancy leaves you little room to do anything other than rush to play the blame game.

Keeping Stock said...

If their is a drop in demand for oil, why are we still paying near-record petrol prices then Mark?

mark said...

Indeed, why does the price appear to be dropping.


bsprout said...

Just because the Green Party has expressed severe doubts regarding National's obsession with fossil fuel doesn't mean that the Greens wish to block any economic development. Selling off our oil reserves for a minimum royalty (half of what Australia charges) with few environmental safe guards is hardly intelligent business.

Just remember that one of the strongest cost benefit returns from any Government initiative over the last four years was the Greens home insulation scheme that National adopted.

Labeling the Greens as anti business just won't stick any longer: the Buy Kiwi Made was our idea and dumped by National in favour of out sourcing, we've promoted sustainable industries, easier tax compliance for small and medium businesses, an increase in R & D investment and a greater emphasis on regional development.

What the greens have been able to do has generally worked, very little of what National has attempted has. Who really wants a Petrobras in NZ?


Green Rulz said...

Greens are trying to limit mining in Waihi.

Anonymous said...

No this is pure business. No oil company will walk away from a good prospect just because of a few hippies. That basin was always unproven and risky.no decent oil resource has been found anywhere on the east coast - all our stuff is west. Petrobras took a punt and missed out.

By the by, this shows why we have a lowish royalty rate and why we need foreign oilcos - no one in nz would risk the kind of money petrobras have spent on a prospect. Next time the lefties whine about not earning enough from oil, point them at raukumara.


Baxter said...

They prefer the dole and DPB and treaty handouts on the East Coast and these would be threatened if jobs became available.

Approaching Wave said...

Well done Greens! This shows how powerful and influential the Party is and how much influence they have over the country's future. people like you, Keeping Stock, who try to undermine the Greens had better watch themselves, as the Greens will soon be in a position of such power that they will make you pay for your behaviour.
The Petrobas decision to get out of New Zealand is a small demonstration of Green Power.
The Greens are on the rise and you will be crushed under their feet as they take their place at the top table.
Happy days.

Mark said...

Approaching Wave, is one of the Green's intentions if they ever got in government to make citizens pay for their behaviour and crush them under their feet? Gosh that sounds wonderful - very Orwellian.

Approaching Wave said...

Only those who oppose us bwahahahahahahahaha!

Top table??? said...

Yeah 13% of the country want a Green government - the notion of it is frightening from the point of view of the damage they would do and their communist tendencies. But the reality? I'm not concerned because it is never gonna happen. Once a minor party, always a minor party.

Approaching Wave said...

Top table???

You are in for a terrible shock then.
The Greens will achieve all of the things you (secretly) fear and what will you be able do, aside from snivelling and whining about it?
Roll over buddy, and hope they are as kindly and peace-loving as they say.