Thursday, December 6, 2012

The rift in New Zealand cricket

There's growing signs of a major rift within the New Zealand cricket set-up, with a clear disconnect between coach and captain becoming evident. And One News reported last night that the NZC board has rubber-stamped stripping Ross Taylor of the captaincy of the ODI and T20 sides, whilst his tenure of the test captaincy is still up in the air.

This is bad news, especially after the team performed so well in the second test match in Sri Lanka. We wonder now if Mike Hesson's close friendship with Brendon McCullum was disclosed when Hesson was interviewed for the coaching role, and whether it was seen as a potential conflict of interest.

Now there are reports that Ross Taylor may withdraw from the team to tour South Africa. That would be a huge blow to the team, and to New Zealand cricket in general. And it is something that must be avoided at all cost.

Taylor was magnificent in Colombo, and led the team from the front. Brendon McCullum may be more assertive and charismatic, but that doesn't necessarily make him a good captain despite his obvious skills.

New Zealand Cricket needs to get its house in order, and quickly.


Edward the Confessor said...

NZ cricket alienating the best batsman we have for what? So an untried and out of form guy can take over? How will that help the team score more runs, which is the essential problem? They're nuts. It would serve them right if Taylor walks. I hope he doesn't though.

pdm said...

It is time now for David White to step into this shambles and ensure that Taylor remains as Captain. However from what I have seen of him since he came into the job I don't think he has the gonads to do it.