Saturday, December 15, 2012

The ugly side of social media

We've just seen this on Facebook:

This is the ugly side of social media. Regular readers will be aware that we don't have much time for Barack Obama. But an anonymous attack like this is cowardly and in the worst possible taste, coming as it does just hours after the school shooting tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut.


Anonymous said...

Ugly, perhaps... but if I am honest, this was exactly my thoughts when I heard the news audio clips of Obama sighing over the loss of the kiddies.

I know it is tough for any politician when tragedies occur; they don't know the dead people personally, so their grief comes across as 'for the cameras', even if it is genuine.

My inclination would have been to issue a press release expressing sorrow, and gone - without any media and with personal security only - to be with the families and to personally ensure emergency services and investigators had whatever resources were needed. No politics, no publicity, just quiet sympathy and prayers.

Then announce a review into what can be done to tighten gun security after the funerals.

Mad Marxist.

Angry Birds said...

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Pete George said...

There was an ugly example of local social media on this too. A new commenter Brett Dale at The Standard said:

"Thoughts and wishes to the people of Connecticut, what
can one say about this tragic event. As someone who has
family in CT, including younger relatives, this is an awful day."

Then 'Morrisey' set about attacking him multiple times. It was the old "if you don't condemn everything I don't like then I'll harrass you' trick. Which is just an excuse for being being a prat, and in the context of the original comment particularly nasty.