Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Tweet of the Day - 4 December 2012

DPF reminds his Twitter followers of another time when Winston Peters wasn't especially co-operative and open:

And in other Brendan Horan news, his lawyer has just told Duncan Garner on RadioLive that Horan was not advised that NZ First was planning to expel him from caucus, nor has he seen the new information referred to by Winston Peters this afternoon in the House. And Patrick Gower believes that Peters deliberately chose to make the statement this afternoon under parliamentary privilege to avoid being sued by Brendan Horan.

Does Winston Peters understand the concept of natural justice? One thing is for sure; there has been a massive falling-out between Peters and Horan.

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Karl Bunkley said...

Farrar has become quite irrelevant these days. I don't know why anyone would bother to quote him. I guess he knows his time is almost up, along with that of the National Government. The Banks/Dunne/Sharples/Key Government that is.