Saturday, January 26, 2013

Courting the Ratana vote

At least you have to give David Shearer credit for his honesty, regardless of his naivety. He's now on record as saying that Labour will do whatever it takes to win back the Maori vote from the Maori (and presumably from Mana) Party.

We reckon that'll go down a treat with Waitakere Man (not), and even if David Cunliffe is out of the running for the leadership, the anti-Shearer rhetoric is still flowing thick and fast from the Labour Party's rank and file as Pete George notes.

And with regard to the photograph below; did Mr Shearer take his guitar to Ratana, or will he march to the beat of Ratana's band?


Kevin Moody said...

I thought David Shearer's reference to someone in John Key's lineup as a "retread" was unfortunate. Now I cannot put the thought of "moth eaten" out of my immediate reaction whenever I see a picture of David Shearer.

jabba said...

when Nick Smith was announced as the Minister of Housing, Labour MP's, including Shearer, said he, Smith, has no ideas on how to improve the housing situation. I mean, Smith has not had time to scratch his bum let alone announce his thoughts on the job. They could have at least waited a month before slagging him off.

mark said...

One word KS, Imlay. And if you've any idea about the shenanigans surrounding auntie Tari and her troughing nepotism and how much the woman and her party is disliked you'd agree when I say that it's a done deal.

Ratana will abandon her and the Maori party and flock to back Labour.

Baxter said...

If Labour gave Ratana the same voting rights to select candidates and leaders that they give the Trade Unions then they may well recover the vote.