Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Emmerson on affordable houses

Rod Emmerson has been inside David Shearer's head for his offering today; here 'tis:

Note the Apologies to Jimi Hendrix label at the foot of the cartoon. Mr Shearer may play the guitar, but Hendrix he ain't!


Look Left said...

Trotter (you like him, remember) says "THE REAL FIGHT is now on the Left. John Key’s government has begun descending the long slope that leads to electoral destruction – which only the most extraordinary events (think 9/11) can interrupt. Once political gravity has a government in its grip, the location of the really significant political battles shifts immediately to the territory of its opponents. This is what we see happening right now in the respective strategies of Labour and the Greens.

So far, the Greens are winning."

WhatHouse.co.uk said...

Don't really understand the other person's comment but yes in today's age most people can only afford a shed if they are lucky!

what house