Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Irony much?

(I'm not Inv2)

Oh look, the Argies are at it again. According to the Telegraph, the vice president has said the following of the upcoming Falkland Islands referendum:

"A referendum in which the colonists will take part, the descendants of those who evicted the true inhabitants of those islands, means a disrespect to intelligence and to national and international law,"

There you have the words of a descendent of a Spanish colonist, with their record of oh so benevolent treatment of the continents pre-existing inhabitants, accusing the British of "evicting" the true inhabitants of the islands and disrespecting international law. International law, of which the right of self-determination is a central plank…accusing others of doing exactly what you're doing yourself, I guess he must be a lefty.

Yes, it’s obviously nationalist sabre-rattling for domestic consumption, but how does he keep a straight face on? Does he not get that it was the British and their Royal Navy that supplied the "trousers" for the "mouth" of Mr Monroe's Doctrine? History is obviously not the strong-suit of President Botox's administration.

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