Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Oh dear!

RadioLive tweets:

Oh dear. Who would have ever thought that Kim Dotcom would have made an enemy out of the hacking group Anonymous, which is applauding this afternoon's take-down. There have been suggestions that Anonymous regard Herr Dotcom as a snitch; check this out:

While several news outlets (The Politics Of Crime - TalkLeft: The Politics Of Crime) have done the due diligence in following the Kim Dotcom case, it has been quietly overlooked by almost everyone in the world, the internet, and Anonymous, that Kim Dotcom cooperated in secret with the Department of Homeland Security's investigation of Ninja Video, a movie pirating service who was piggybacking off of Megaupload.
In the Wired article, it outlines that in June of 2010, Dotcom agreed to keep secret a warrant by the DHS HSI IPR Center of Carpathia hosting, and was told by HSI that he was not target of the investigation, which he had in fact been a target of since January of 2010. Dotcom “cooperated” in the “spirit” of “being a good corporate citizen”, which apparently means ratting small fish out so the the top dog can stay king. Kim Dotcom thinks he can play both pirate and “good corporate citizen” at the same time, but one cannot be both. Kim Dotcom broke the pirate code. He is a snitch, and needs to be exposed to the world as such. Hana Beshara, “Queen Phara”, has been sitting in FPC Bryan in Texas for the past year awaiting release this August because Kim willingly cooperated with this investigation, thinking he would be building a rapport with the IPR fanatics at DHS. Matthew David Howard Smith, aka (Dead1ine), founder of NinjaVideo, will be released from Butner Penitentiary in North Carolina this April. While Queen Phara and Dead1ine quietly sit out their jail sentence overshadowed by Kim Dotcom's b0mbastic show of opulence, it is worth noting how many journalists and Anonymous are oblivious to this reality. Journalists love or adore Kim Dotcom, hypnotized by the cars and wealth, and Anonymous has simply refused to acknowledge, even with the reality of infiltration of snitches like Sabu, that Kim Dotcom will rat anyone out to stay on top. Even disturbing is one long-time Anon saying Kim Dotcom knows how to play the system better than anyone else, even though he got CLEARLY played. The difference between Sabu and Kim Dotcom's snitching? Not only did Kim Dotcom have a choice to not engage in snitch behavior, instead of looking out for his customers and integrity of Megaupload and challenge the government's requests to retain the data by making a public spectacle out of the DHS's request, he went along with their requests to keep the warrants secret, legitimizing their culture of secrecy. In the process of cooperation, he not only set up his customers for criminal prosecution, his bumbling behavior set himself up for the same. Ask yourself if this is a person you would want to do business with.

What is it they say about things going around and coming around?

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