Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Will it help his eyesight?

We doubt that there will be many New Zealand rugby supporters who were able to suppress a chuckle when they say this happen at the weekend:

Whilst no-one would wish Wayne Barnes any ill, his "falcon" provided a moment of mirth, as the crowd reaction indicated. Here's hoping that some good may have come from it, and that the end result will be an improvement in his eyesight, especially his judgment of the forward pass!

Footnote: The term "falcon" is regarded as referring to a rugby/league player being hit on the head by the ball. It is so named after Mario Fenech, who was known among other things as the Maltese Falcon, and had a habit of getting hit in the melon.

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Siena said...

I was at Cardiff in 2007 for that infamous All Blacks loss to France, and I don't hold "that forward pass" try against him - it was only marginally forward and those are missed by referees every week. All Black weaknesses of selection and tactics lost that match to a French side that out-thought NZ & defended superbly.

But I do find Barnes exceedingly officious with the whistle, trying too hard to impose himself on the game rather than blending into it as the best refs tend to do. Very much the bossy British type.