Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A remarkable confession...

Over at Kiwiblog, DPF blogs:

What an admission from Brian Rudman in the NZ Herald:
With job lay-offs, unaffordable housing and a call for better public transport, Labour should be making inroads.
Despite the best efforts of Opposition politicians, single-issue campaigners and me and my colleagues in the media, most Kiwis seem resolutely unconvinced that this country is heading for hell in a handcart.
A stunning admission by Rudman. Not a huge surprise that he admits to trying to convince people the country is heading for “hell in a handcut” as Rudman is well known as a left wing columnist. But his inclusion of  his colleagues in the media speaks volumes.
They see their role to convince New Zealanders that their country is fucked, with the implication being unless of course they change the Government.
Will the NZ Herald let Rudman’s comments stand that the role of his media colleagues has been to use their best efforts convince people the country is damned?

If ever proof was required that a significant portion of the New Zealand media is anti-Government, a member of that very media has provided it.

It is a remarkable confession from Brian Rudman, although only remarkable as to the fact that he has made the confession. What he has confessed to is already widely suspected.

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Allan said...

I stopped reading Rudman ages ago. He is so left wing his comments arent worth the paper that they are written on. Unfortunately it is very hard to find balanced journalism on both television and in the papers within NZ. I just wish we had the quality of journalism that is present in "The Australian" newspaper. At least the blog sites give a reasonably balanced view of what is happening.