Thursday, February 14, 2013

A step too far...

We spotted this on Twitter last night from Toad, who is a well-known Green Party activist:

Now Toad professes a love for cricket. Given that this is supposedly the day for love, we must question Toad's romance with the sport we love ahead of all others. We reckon that using cricket as an excuse for politicking is a step too far.

Still, we have every expectation that a legion of Rufus Paynters will be at the cricket in Hamilton on Sunday. There will probably be dozens and dozens of Russel Normans (with one "l"), a whole bunch of David Cunliffes, and maybe even some David Shearers.

Oddly though, the Greens and Labour were crowing back in early January that they had reached their target; check this out:

New Zealanders will have their say on asset sales this year after a petition to force a referendum reached the 300,000 signatures needed, campaigners say.
Since April, a coalition including Grey Power, the Council of Trade Unions, the Green Party and Labour have been collecting signatures for the petition.
They need 10 per cent of all registered voters, or approximately 310,000 people, to sign to force a referendum.
Grey Power national president Roy Reid said the group had collected more than 340,000 signatures, allowing for a percentage of signatures that did not meet the requirements under the Citizen Initiated Referendum Act.
After checking the figures at the end of 2012, Mr Reid was confident they now had the numbers to push through the referendum.

Now they are having another "final push" this weekend, with 22,000 signatures required to reach their target. Their auditing of signatures to date must have thrown up all sorts of anomalies for them now to be having to keep trying. You'd think however that anyone who was motivated to sign the petition for a Political Party Initiated Referendum would have done so by now.

Anyway; there is no place for politics in sport, especially Green Party politics at cricket matches. If you're going to the match at Seddon Park on Sunday and happen to see whoever Toad manages to recruit, we'd love to hear about it. 

And all the while, those pushing this petition need to remember that the silent majority has spoken, that more than 90% or New Zealanders haven't signed this petition, and that they have no wish to see the 2011 General Election result re-litigated. As Michael Cullen once said so eloquently; "We won, you lost, eat that!".


toad said...

I'm not suggesting collecting signatures during the game, KS; just before it. When play's underway, I'll be watching it.

And as for the Keep Our Assets media release back in January, I understand further analysis of the validity of signatures and discussions with the Clerk of the House of Representatives resulted in the total necessary to force the referendum being increased from 340,000 to 390,000.

So that media release was, regrettably, a bit premature.

Keeping Stock said...

Best of British luck to you Toad; you're a brave man fronting up to all those blokes and blokesses from the 'Tron. Just don't take Max Dillon Coyle with you :)

As for the premature bit; oh dear; how sad; never mind...

Jonesey said...

I know you don't like to mix sport and politics, KS, but the referendum will be a haymaker that lands on Key's glass-jaw, KO'ing him and his asset-theft plans.

Doug said...

Non binding referendum what a waste of Taxpayer’s money, the Greens have spent a fortune of our money trying to collect signatures and still short how silly. The only thing that they are good at is defacing Billboards and then they get caught in the act.

Edward Woodwood said...

The Gree's election campaign has been hugely boosted by this petition. People everywhere see them out on the streets doing something on behalf of all New Zealanders. They'll make solid gains that will become apparent later on and will leap in the polls when the referendum comes in strongly opposed to the asset sales. The popular defeat that National will suffer at that result, whether they respond reasonably to it or not, will further consolidate the publics confidence in the Greens. Brilliant strategy. Go ahead and criticise them for this democratic action, New Zealanders love to support sommeone under attack from a bully Government.

Keeping Stock said...

Democratic Edward? We had an election in 2011, and asset sales were the most talked about policy. John Key formed a government under MMP (which the Greens favour), and has a mandate to implement his policies. It is the parties of the Left who are being undemocratic, not to mention being very poor losers.

bsprout said...

Most polls regarding the asset sales showed around 85% of people were against them. People didn't vote national in because of the asset sales, there was no mandate for those. It sounds as though you are afraid of a vote on this matter only.