Wednesday, February 20, 2013

And they laugh at Ponganui...

Wanganui has been in the news lately due to problems with the city's wastewater plant. But Ponganui would have nothing on this; the Farming Show website reports:

Sheep rustlers who jammed 11 hog-tied beasts into their small four door hatchback have been arrested after being stopped by Hawke's Bay police early this morning.
Police patrolling the rural areas surrounding Hastings stopped the vehicle about 1am.
As well as the sheep - the car contained four men.
They've been arrested and charged with theft and the ill treatment of the sheep.
They'll appear in the Hastings District Court later in the week.
Police say it's only luck none of the sheep had died - the attending officers were appalled to find the animals being transported in the way they were.
The sheep have been returned to their owners.
Police say anyone who sees suspicious or odd behaviour in rural areas should contact them. 

Eleven hog-tied sheep and four sweaty blokes in a "small four door hatchback"; we pity the poor police officers who stumbled across that find!


gravedodger said...

Not so many years ago they would now be dangling from a tree, eyes bulging, clothes soiled as the sphincters released and left there as a warning that rustling has its own rewards.
Alas these P'sOS will cost taxpayers costs in legal aid, court time and a mentally deficient brief will convince the equally inept judge that it really isnt their fault and a few hours of community service never served will be the end of it, for now.
Civilised, we may kid ourselves, but really we have gone backwards.

Agree your all too vivid portrayal of the stench is too gross to dwell on.

Anonymous said...

Initially i thought it was just Labour Party guys on a night out. Next time.


Johnboy said...

Johnboy hasn't been to Hawkes Bay in years!