Tuesday, February 5, 2013

David who?

We don't quite know what to make of this; Stuff reports (with our emphasis added):

Almost two thirds of Maori voters who support Labour do not know who the party's leader is, a recent poll shows.
Te Karere's DigiPoll, out today, found 34 per cent of the 1000 Maori voters polled supported Labour in the party vote.
A further 28 per cent backed the Maori Party, 9 per cent National, 8 per cent Greens, and 6 per cent to each NZ First and Mana.
Despite the nod of support for Labour, 63 per cent of those supporting Labour did not know who the current party leader was.
Just 35 per cent said it was David Shearer, while 2 per cent thought it was still Phil Goff.
Of those who knew it was Mr Shearer, 41 per cent believed he did not provide good leadership on Maori issues.
A further 31 per cent did not know and 28 per cent said he did provide good leadership.
In the electorate vote the Maori Party had a slight advantage with 36 per cent of those polled planning to vote for them compared to 32 per cent for Labour.
The poll questioned 1000 Maori voters in January and has a margin of error of +/- 3.1.

It would seem that it is going to take more than a trip to Ratana for David Shearer to get better name recognition among Maori. And despite Labour's bullishness after the Ratana visit, the party's poll rating with Maori is barely more than its poll rating across the electorate; last week's Roy Morgan poll had Labour at 31.5%.

And set against that background, what was Labour's big policy announcement yesterday. Was it housing, jobs, welfare or the economy? No; David Shearer wants to move the New Year's Honours to Waitangi Day! Yep; that'll help with name recognition!

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