Thursday, February 28, 2013

Did Oscar have another "problem"?

The test results are back on the substance found in Oscar Pistorius' bedroom; Stuff reports:

Oscar Pistorius' representatives have named the substance found in his bedroom after the shooting death of his girlfriend as Testis compositum, and say it is an herbal remedy used "in aid of muscle recovery."  

But intriguingly, there is another use for Testis; read on:

A product called Testis compositum is also marketed as a sexual enhancer, good for lack of stamina. Some online retailers advertise oral and injectable forms as testosterone boosters. 

There's no doubt that Pistorius' trial is going to be a sensational one, with wall-to-wall media coverage. And given the nature of the allegations made against Pistorius, the media will be looking for an angle to portray anything that is remotely salacious

We simply hope that when the blaze of publicity is upon him that Oscar Pistorius doesn't suffer from "performance anxiety" or anything else that Testis may have helped him with.

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Baxter said...

An interesting comment on Fox News yesterday. In the US 49% of those indicted for murder are convicted. A similar per cent in the UK. In South Africa of those indicted for murder only 11% are convicted.