Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Facebook Status of the Day

We suspect that Aaron Bhatnagar is not the only person uncomfortable about children being used as pawns in a high-stakes game between teachers and  Minister of Education Hekia Parata:

We can understand the angst that school principals and teachers are feeling after a tumultuous day yesterday. But parading children in front of the TV cameras in melodramatic fashion is actually more likely to turn public opinion against them.

Principals and teachers are educated and articulate. They should be able to articulate their opposition to proposed closures and mergers without using their pupils as visual aids.


@CJ_NZ said...

In my view, the Adults need to man up.

Children are extremely resilient but are also extremely impressionable.

If any distress is caused to the Children, it is their Parents and Teachers/Principals that are to blame.

The harsh reality is that some schools have to close/merge. MOve forward, not backwards and the kids will continue to thrive, having survived what will hopefully be the worst situations faced in their lifetime.

@CJ_NZ said...

I did have to laugh.

One principal said "We are surrounded by RedZone, this school is all they have left".

That statement alone is why the MoE decided that (unfortunately) that school had to close

Cliff H. Anger said...

Yes, any coverage of school closures should not involve the students. There's no need for us, the viewing public, to see them. What have the closing of schools got to do with students anyway???? Why should their feelings and reactions to the closing of their schools be forced upon us? We don't want to see children's reactions to the closing of their school, we want to see their 'talking head', talking!