Sunday, February 3, 2013

Joe's hyperbole

We saw this during the week, but were too busy to blog about it at the time. But we're surprised it didn't get more widespread attention; the Herald reports:

Long-time David Bain advocate Joe Karam has compared Justice Minister Judith Collins to the KGB and Zimbabwe president Robert Mugabe by "secretly" commissioning a peer review into Mr Bain's commission recommendation.

This is stupid stuff by Joe Karam. He may be feeling slighted by Ms Collins' deliberations into the Bain compensation issue, but to compare her to the KGB or Mugabe is simply hyperbole on his part, and adds nothing to debate on the issue.

The High Court will decide whether or not Judith Collins acted in bad faith towards Karam and Bain, but public outbursts such as this will not help his case. The Court will also consider whether Judith Collins had a duty towards every New Zealander to seek a second opinion on the Binnie report before handing over public money to David Bain. We believe that she would have been neglecting her duty had she not consulted widely.

Joe Karam's frustration is understandable. He has invested a significant part of his life in representing David Bain. But frustration is not an excuse for abuse, and Joe Karam has, in our ever-humble opinion has overstepped the line.


meow said...

It doesn't surprise me that this wasn't taken further - the NZH at least seems to be firmly in the Bain camp.

Joe Karam seems to have started a bit of a trend - convicted murderers having their own fan club who fervently believe they are innocent. Although in Joe's case it seems to be more of a long shot investment strategy - fight long enough and Bain may get a payout which Joe will get a slice of. Maybe it is because of this strategy that Joe is lashing out - Crusher Collins is showing signs of terminating his future income options.

paul scott said...

After the absurd theatre of the second trial, there was a Bain party, but the tide has turned , New Zealanders know now the truth,