Friday, February 1, 2013

Quote of the Day - 1 February 2013

From Newstalk ZB political reporter Barry Soper comes this memory-jogger (with our emphasis added):

After Carter was escorted to the infamous Speaker's chair they all stood and lavished praise on his elevation and paid homage to Lockjaw Smith, who'll soon be clinking glasses on the London cocktail circuit as our top diplomat there. And it was that appointment that raised the gander of Luigi Peters who said at a time when career diplomats were losing their jobs they have to contend with yet another political appointment.
It's a bit rich, he contended, that the career diplomats, who give a lifelong commitment to serving their country, are being superseded by a politician.
But hang on a mo, when he was Foreign Minister in the Clark Government, didn't he appoint his fellow colleague and mate, the late Brian Donnelly, to the Cook Islands' cocktail circuit?
Now that surely is the pot calling the kettle black!

"What's that?" you say; "Winston Peters engaging in a bit of selective forgetfulness, or even that word starting with "H" that they can't say in Parliament?". Who'd have ever thunk it?

To be fair to Winston Peters, most New Zealanders had forgotten about the late Brian Donnelly, a former NZ First MP between 1996 and 2008/ It's just as well that Barry Soper has a long memory, at least where it concerns Winston Peters! 

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